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Volunteer of the Month | Rita Valdivia

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AdventHealth Foundation Central Florida is honored to recognize Rita Valdivia as the January Volunteer of the Month. Rita has been involved with Sharing Smiles in Peru since 1999 when she contacted Dr. Frank Stieg to dream about what could be achieved through working together.

rita v 2

Reflecting on the 24 years she’s been working alongside Sharing Smiles on behalf of the children of Peru, Rita says, “Because of my great dream of helping others, of seeing a significant or total change in their lives, and because I am convinced that God is the only one who can give hope, love, and health, which is so lacking right now, I remain committed to helping Sharing Smiles however I can.”

Over the years, Rita has been instrumental in maintaining a strategic alliance with state entities such as Cooperación Internacional Minsa Perú, which grants permits, the Universidad Peruana Unión in Tarapoto, Hospital Minsa II-2, and many independent volunteers. We hope to expand this strategic network and have a presence in more cities in the country that also need a share of hope in their hearts.

AdventHealth Foundation’s Sharing Smiles teams as well as the children whose lives have been changed, have truly been blessed by the work of Rita Valdivia.

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