Volunteer of the Month May 2019| Gage Gwyn

Doctor hugging a transplant patient in a large hallway, near a gurney.

Dr. P. Gage Gwyn is a true example of paying it forward. She noticed an unmet need of funding for the Neuro Oncology program at AdventHealth Orlando and took action. Gage created a fund through AdventHealth Foundation Central Florida where employees could donate to support the Neuro Oncology program through the 1908 Society.

“I know the smallest donation can make a difference,” said Dr. Gwyn, an Oncology Nurse Practitioner at AdventHealth and a former Professor at AdventHealth University. She has been a member of the 1908 Society, which is AdventHealth’s employee giving program, since 2005.

Counting it as a blessing to help others, Dr. Gwyn explained that through the 1908 Society she’s able to, “help a student in need at AdventHealth University, or other employees during times of distress through the Hope Fund.” The ability to support a diverse portfolio of areas and programs is one of the many reasons she donates.

Dr. Gwyn has a passion to help people and encourages others to do the same. “We all have a voice and can use it to help those in vulnerable situations,” she said. Her exceptional level of care has caused her to be an amazing ambassador for the 1908 society in which she often connects others to the mission. We are thankful for and appreciative of Dr. Gwyn’s selfless support of others through the 1908 Society.

“Giving to 1908 enables me to share my blessings with those who are going through a rough patch. I am proud to be a founding member of one of the many 1908 beneficiaries! Every dollar I donate reaches the group I choose to support, and I encourage all AdventHealth employees to consider giving.”

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