Only 11 Inches Tall

Newborn baby yawning in it's mother's arms

Xiomara saw the look on the technician’s face and immediately knew that something was wrong. “Is everything ok?” she asked. The woman’s eyes betrayed her shock for only a second, but that was enough. “I just need to call in someone for a second opinion,” she said.

Immediately, Xiomara and her husband were sent to a high-risk OB-GYN with serious concerns about the condition of their in-utero son. Three weeks later, through an emergency C-section, Kenneth made his abrupt entrance into the world four months before his due date.

He was only 11 inches long.

Most of us like to plan. It makes us feel safe and in control. And most parents have time to plan and prepare for their baby’s arrival — time to stock up on diapers, find a safe car seat, decorate the room. When you give birth to a premature baby, all of that is taken away.

Suddenly, life feels like chaos and you find yourself faced
with questions you shouldn’t have to answer.
This is why we need you.

Xiomara and her husband are just one of hundreds of families at AdventHealth for Children formally Florida Hospital for Children, whose little ones are born prematurely each year, and they all find themselves searching for answers to their questions. The emotional and financial toll of having a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is indescribable.

That’s why the NICU Family Assistance Fund exists — to provide for parents’ unforeseen needs when their little one makes an early entrance into the world. This fund provides things like a car seat to bring their baby home, food when they have no time for groceries, even gas when they have to make a long commute every day.

You can’t answer all the questions these parents have, but you can answer some. You can’t control the chaos,
but you can bring them a little peace.

Your generosity can help to ease the burden that moms like Xiomara carry.
Will you help?

When you give to AdventHealth Children's Care, you're giving towards a better health for your entire community. We are proud to partner with people like you, who support healthcare that changes lives for the better.

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