Mental Health Chronicles: The Outlook Clinic

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The Outlook Clinic is saving lives by offering mental health counseling to the uninsured population in Orange County. Most patients are dealing with co-occurring mental health conditions after losing a job and never thought they would be in this position.

Julie is the licensed clinical social worker at the clinic.

“Taking care of the mind, body and spirit really does apply to the patients in this clinic. The patients are isolated, the anxiety and depression have really taken over. A lot of them contemplate suicide.”

Terri came to the Outlook Clinic when she was in a deep depression. She was so depressed that she became unable to care for her youngest son. Upon meeting Julie, she remembers seeing a Maya Angelou book in her office and thought “this woman must be great.” That book quickly turned into a beacon of hope and inspiration. One therapy session, Julie invited Terri’s son, Hasaan to sit in with them. This was Terri’s turning point.

“My son said he was going to give up on me. That was my wake-up call. Miss Julie saved my life and repaired my relationship with my son.”

Today, Terri has a great relationship with all three of her kids and especially her youngest, Haasan. Terri wants people to know that there is no shame in talking about mental health or in asking for help.

“Depression affects everyone. Don’t be embarrassed to get help. You’re going to find help in the place where you least expect it. Don’t be afraid. God put Miss Julie here as my guardian angel. She’s an angel.”

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