Help Us Bring Summer Holiday Cheer to Kids in The Hospital

AdventHealth Foundation Central Florida, Christmas in July

To a child, a hospital can be a scary place. Without understanding what’s happening or why, kids can feel threatened by all the machines around them and the amount of medicine they might have to take.

We do everything we can to bring joy into the lives of our smallest patients. And this Summer we’re asking for your help to do something extra special.

We’re bringing the Christmas spirit a little early this season by organizing a Christmas in July event for children and their families experiencing a hospital stay. This event created especially for our littlest patients will include ice cream, crafts, a photo booth, drawing contest, holiday-themed games and a rare summertime appearance from Santa.

But Christmas in July wouldn’t be complete without gifts, we need your help. We’ve put together a list of goodies that we know will place a smile on our patient’s faces. These aren’t the basics — the everyday toys and technology that we use to help kids feel comfortable. These are the extras, the unexpected gifts that spark pure joy.

We’ve put together a wish list of items you can purchase on Amazon. It includes the full spectrum from the creative, like nail polish to Play-Doh, to the athletic, like soccer balls or basketballs.

Once you’ve given a gift through Amazon, take a look at the two other ways you can help make our littlest patient's hospital stay more comforting.

Donate to Kids in The Hospital

Giving a gift to support children’s experiences at the hospital is another meaningful way to help kids this Summer.

Your donation will provide whole-person support — that includes emotional, educational and developmental care —to help patients feel safe and maybe even have a bit of fun. Your contribution goes far beyond one individual. Donations support the work, love and expertise of our dedicated child life team to extend hope and healing to those who need it most.

To learn more about where your gift goes and how you can make a donation today, visit our Christmas In July donation page.

Send a Personal Merry Christmas in July Card

Spreading cheer doesn’t have to stop here! You can also write a personal Christmas card to let a child know they are loved and cared for. Send a message and share an encouraging note during one of their toughest moments in life.

Complete your Merry Christmas in July card to have your summer cheer hand-delivered to our littlest patients. Send in your note by July 31st to have it delivered to a child during our Christmas party!

Giving Back Helps You, Too

You know giving lifts your spirits and makes you happy, but did you know it can help your health? As our recent post explains, there’s evidence that the power of generosity can even lower a person’s cholesterol and body-mass index.

And, with our mission grounded in faith, we know that giving can hold a much deeper meaning.

Making a donation, buying a gift or writing a thoughtful note is a way you can help kids this Summer and lift up your own spirits. AdventHealth Foundation Central Florida and our child life team appreciate the help from The Nevers Foundation and Christmas Dreams to make this event a success. Their commitment to serving our patients and making their stay extra special is truly a blessing.

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