Global Mission Initiatives: Growing Opportunity

Physicians caring for a small girl
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Fin is an 11-year-old orphan who looks like a six-year-old. AdventHealth’s Operation Sunshine met Fin in Haiti.

With your help Fin can begin to grow.


Fin has not had a normal growth pattern and he’s lived in an orphanage since the year he was born. While other kids his age have been getting taller and developing, Fin has lagged behind.

He may not understand his short stature, be he knows what it feels like to be teased by his peers. In the future, Fin may not be able to support himself because much of the work available in Haiti is physical labor.

Fin needs Human Growth Hormone (GH) therapy to increase his height.


Since the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and the recent destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of help needed in Haiti. So, why focus on one child?

It takes one person (like you!) to make a huge difference in one child’s life. With your help, Fin can begin receiving GH therapy to help him grow taller.


Inch by inch, Fin can reach new heights. Through the Operation Sunshine program, a team of caring health professionals from AdventHealth and Haiti Adventist Hospital will give this poor and vulnerable child the help he needs in a safe environment.

As you help Fin grow, you may find your own life deepening.

This is the kind of thing we’d all like to help with, if we just knew how.

Operation Sunshine

Operation Sunshine works to assess and improve the health of children in orphanages in Haiti. In 2016, Operation Sunshine provided health care to:

  • Six orphanages and children’s homes
  • 400 children received physicals and dental care
  • 78 sick children received care at Haiti Adventist Hospital

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