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DREAM: Probing the Diabetes Link Post Pancreatitis

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Diabetes RElated to Acute Pancreatitis and its Mechanisms, dubbed the DREAM study, aims to uncover the connection between acute pancreatitis and diabetes.

DREAM focuses on gauging how many people develop diabetes after being diagnosed with pancreatitis. Researchers also hope to identify risk factors and classify which types of diabetes occur after acute pancreatitis.

Spanning five years, the study involves one screening and potentially up to eight additional visits. Open to men and women aged 18-75, the comprehensive procedures include medical history, measurements, screenings, MRI scans, questionnaires, and sample collections.
Participants can receive up to $900, acknowledging their crucial role.

Actively enrolling, the DREAM study invites individuals to contribute to unraveling the complexities of diabetes after acute pancreatitis. We hope by taking part in studies like DREAM, we hope to offer insights will lead to innovations in diabetes prevention and treatment.

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