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AHU 30 for 30 Student Spotlight: Sydney Mathis

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a photo of ahu student sydney

AdventHealth University develops skilled professionals who live the healing values of Christ. Our students learn how to care for the whole-person – body, mind, and spirit. Students at AHU have access to world-class clinical education facilities and outstanding job placement opportunities.

We sat down with Sydney, a junior at AHU in Orlando to hear more about her education journey. Sydney is an Orlando native and has five generations of her family under one roof. “Having a large family can be stressful at times, but I am grateful to have their love and support.”

Sydney’s desire to work in healthcare started in high school as a nursing assistant. “During that time, I learned that as healthcare providers or just people in general, you never know what someone else may be going through. Taking the time to listen to their concerns, questions and stories can only lead to positive changes in the type of care you provide your patient.”

She wanted to stay close to her family while in school and found that AHU fit her needs, both personally and educationally. “I chose AHU because I was seeking a university that was not only close to home but gave me the chance to really explore my relationship with God and incorporate that relationship into an education in the healthcare field. As soon as you walk into the door at AHU, you are treated like a family member rather than just another student. You don’t feel like just a student, the professors really take the time to get to know you on a personal level and understand your needs. This welcoming made me feel safe and truly gave me a space to find myself, find God, and work to reach my goal of obtaining a career in healthcare administration.”

Sydney views her colleagues at AHU as her support system while in school. “Both the faculty and students give continuous support that has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. The people at AHU who have supported me and cared about me in my time here, have taught me so many things about how to be a leader, a good listener and how to succeed as a healthcare professional. They have been my shoulder to cry on and a listening ear during all times of my life. When you are in an environment that is welcoming and shows compassion, it becomes a safe space for you to be open, honest, and successful.”
AHU offers financial aid opportunities to students such as the Helping Hands scholarship. Sydney was a recipient of the scholarship and it helped her maintain her education at AHU. “I was in a very tough place with my tuition and was worried that I would not be able to continue my education due to financial hardships. Thankfully, when I received the Helping hands scholarship, these worries disappeared as I was now able to continue my education at AHU without the financial burden and stress. All the individuals who contribute to these scholarships for students really do change lives.”

Studying at AHU goes beyond academics for many including Sydney. AdventHealth truly helps its students extend the healing ministry of Christ. “The love that AHU employees and students have for God has made a positive impact on my faith and has allowed me to gain a deeper relationship with Him. They are always open to answering my questions and helping me gain a better understanding of topics that I may have struggled to understand regarding my faith in the past.”

For Sydney, her future career lies in healthcare administration with a focus on recruiting students to AHU. “I have been able to share my personal experience at AHU with young students who are still trying to navigate the college experience and figure out if the healthcare field is right for them. I love to motivate and encourage the younger generation on the importance of getting a good education. I feel excited and motivated regarding my future. I enjoy being part of AdventHealth and I believe that having the experience as both an AHU student and employee will only give me more insights to share with others in the future who are looking into joining the AdventHealth system as a student or an employee.”

Thank you, Sydney! If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved with AdventHealth University visit

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