All Your Health Care Needs, Right at Your Fingertips

From making appointments to managing health records, every tool you need to take charge of your health lives in the AdventHealth app.

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  • Find Doctors

    Find doctors and search by specialty for providers near you.

  • Video Visit With Health Care Providers

    See our providers from home on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Schedule Appointments

    View openings and book with your providers easily.

  • Manage Family Health Records

    Access and manage your kids’ or family’s records, if needed.

  • Access Your Health Records

    All of your visit details are all in one place.

  • View Upcoming Appointments

    Everything you need to prepare for your next visit.

  • View and Pay Bills

    Paying bills online in the app is quick, simple and secure.

  • Get Medication Refills

    Requesting prescription refills is quick and easy in the app.

Man on a video call with his physician.

Tips for a Successful Video Visit

  • Conduct the video visit in a well-lit room so your provider can see you
  • Set the camera at eye level
  • Turn off your television or music to reduce background noise
  • Make sure the space is private, so you can discuss personal medical information
  • Write down any questions for your provider before the visit
  • Have a paper and pen ready to take notes
  • Have your doctor’s office phone number handy
  • Close any unnecessary programs on your device

If you’re logging on to your visit with your web browser, you can also test your device prior to the visit to make sure that your internet, microphone and camera are working correctly.

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Get Answers About the AdventHealth App

See frequently asked questions about the app and find answers about any technical issues you may encounter.

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Virtual Visits 101: How to Prepare, What to Expect

Video visits with your doctor aren’t just convenient, they expand your options for primary and specialty care significantly. If you’re new to virtual visits, read the basics so you can feel comfortable getting the care you need.

About the AdventHealth App

No matter what's happening with your health, we’re here for you. For minor health concerns, you can see a doctor from the convenience of home. Not only do we provide video visits at your fingertips, but we also give you easy access to your medical records and the ability to message your care team. Taking control of your health has never been easier.

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