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Your sleep is sacred. So much in your life relies on it. Your health. Your mood. Your energy. Your work and your relationships. When you’re fully recharged, your immune system is stronger, your mind is clearer, and your spirit is brighter. That’s why it’s time to put your sleeping problems to rest — and get some rest — with our whole-person care approach to the treatment of sleep disorders. This means looking at every aspect of you. Studying your sleep. Learning about your lifestyle. Possibly boosting physical activity, adapting your diet, or cutting back on caffeine. Whether you’re tossing and turning all night or struggling to stay awake during the day, the specialists at AdventHealth will work with you to develop a personalized sleep disorder treatment plan with expert care, useful tools, and step-by-step guidance. And we won’t rest until you do. Because your sleep today matters for your health and wellness tomorrow.

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A Comprehensive Look at Your Sleep Health

You’re ready to take back your nights. And it all starts with a one-on-one consultation and comprehensive evaluation that could include a take-home or in-clinic sleep study and a visit to one of our dedicated sleep centers. You rest while we work. Our sleep specialists use advanced diagnostic tools and overnight sleep studies to monitor and analyze vital signs, breathing patterns, and body movements. Then, we’ll interpret your tests, pull together a team of specialists to help you develop personalized treatments for your sleep disorder, and provide follow-up care. Whether you have sleep apnea, bruxism, a lifestyle habit, or something else disrupting your sleep, we want to get to the core of the condition so you can get back to feeling functional and empowered in your everyday life.

Expert Treatment for Sleep Disorders

You want sleep solutions. And you’re not alone. Some 70-million Americans have trouble falling or staying asleep at night. But better nights and better days are within reach, because we offer expert treatment of sleep disorders through the latest innovations and lifestyle improvements — including CPAP machines, breathing devices, surgery, medications, and weight-reduction programs. Whether you need treatment for restless legs syndrome or care for narcolepsy, you can rest easy knowing we’re accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) for our superior quality of patient care and expertise in diagnosing and treating many common sleep disorders.

A Network of Connected Care

Sleep is an essential part of your life’s journey. That’s why we believe in giving you guidance and support at every stage with our connected network of care. You’ll have a personal Sleep Navigator to guide every aspect of your diagnosis and treatment, coordinating your appointments, and managing your follow-up care. But you’ll also have access to a strong support system of specialists — from mental-health experts and cardiologists to certified nutritionists and fitness experts — working together to provide you continuous care even beyond your sleep concerns. So no matter where life’s journey leads you, you can keep your body strong, your mind sharp, and your spirit shining, day after day and night after night.

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If a sleep disorder is leaving you groggy throughout the day, our sleep care specialists are here to help you rediscover the rest you need.