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Calming Your Subconscious

Rediscover a Peaceful Night's Sleep

You have a full and busy life. At the end of each day, you’ve earned a great night’s sleep. But if you or one of your loved ones is experiencing night terrors (also called sleep terrors), bedtime can be difficult for everyone.

Night terrors are most common in childhood, but they can continue at any age, and can easily be misdiagnosed as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or regular nightmares. The experts at AdventHealth know the difference. Our sleep disorder specialists have helped countless children and adults diagnose and ease their night terrors and are ready to put your mind at rest. Let’s figure this out, so you can all rediscover a more peaceful and relaxing night's sleep.

Conquering Night Terrors

Calmer Nights Lead to Better Days

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Life-Changing Care

Behavioral Health Services You Can Count On

We're here to help you find your center, reclaim your joy, and discover (or rediscover) all the things that make life worth living.Life-Changing Care