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A Multidisciplinary Team of Pain Specialists

Easing the Pain of Shingles

You only get chickenpox once, usually as a child. After the first go-round, you become immune to further occurrences. But the virus does stay in your nerve tissues and can become reactivated later on in life in the form of shingles. With symptoms including rashes or blisters, extreme aches, and itchiness, a shingles diagnosis can bring intense pain.

If you have pain associated with shingles, the pain specialists at AdventHealth are here to help treat your symptoms and guide you back to pre-shingles comfort. With the support you need from your multidisciplinary care team, you can manage the pain of shingles and heal quickly, with renewed gratitude for pain specialists.

Be Comfortable in Your Skin Again

Find Relief from Painful Symptoms

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Enjoy Life Again.

Pain Care You Can Count On

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