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Expert, Orthopedic Shoulder Care

Because So Much is Resting on Your Shoulders

Your shoulders are the crossbar to your body's "t," an important crux of physical and emotional support. From lifting and reaching to being a sturdy surface to catch your loved one's tears, your shoulders do so much. That's why shoulder pain and injuries like a fractured clavicle or bicep tendonitis can be so taxing on your daily routines. We're here to help.

The teams at AdventHealth use the most innovative orthopedic shoulder treatments for relieving pain and restoring full motion. With non-surgical techniques, physical therapy, and minimally invasive procedures, we lift the burden of pain off your shoulders, ease your mind, and lift your spirit with whole-health care that improves your range of motion and your quality of life.

Comprehensive, Expert Orthopedic Care

Find Relief From Shoulder Pain

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Diagnosing Shoulder Issues

Lifting, stretching, reaching with freedom. You do all these things as you move through your day. But sometimes, shoulder injuries or conditions like bicep tendonitis or frozen shoulder can make these movements a challenge. The expert orthopedic team at AdventHealth is ready to step in and help out. We have the latest imaging technology to diagnose shoulder issues promptly and accurately, including:

  • CT Scans
  • MRIs
  • X-Rays

We’re here to find the root of your problem and get you back to moving throughout your life with more ease. 

Understanding the Cause of Shoulder Pain

Accidents, sports, everyday wear and tear. Shoulder injuries just happen. Luckily, they don’t have to be permanent. AdventHealth is here to lend a supportive hand, and help get your shoulder back in good working condition so you can throw, shimmy, swim, or simply dress yourself with ease. That’s your goal, and we make it ours, too. We’ll find the cause of your shoulder pain and put together a comprehensive plan that gets you back to work and play. Common shoulder issues include the following:

  • Clavicle fractures or broken collarbones – breaks to the long bone that connects the shoulder blade to the sternum and are the most common shoulder fracture.
  • Proximal humerus fractures – breaks to the rounded upper part of the arm bone that rotates within the shoulder socket.
  • Shoulder blade fractures – also known as a broken scapula, these are highly uncommon breaks to the triangular bone that connects the upper arm bone to the collarbone.
  • Shoulder fractures and dislocations – breaks to one of the three bones in the shoulder or movement of one of the bones out of the joint socket.
  • Shoulder separations or acromioclavicular joint dislocations – stretches or tears to the ligament that holds the collarbone to the shoulder blade.
Treating Bicep Tendonitis, Frozen Shoulder, and More

Sometimes, all it takes to mend your shoulder is rehabilitation and rest. But other times, you may need more. Helping you understand your options and providing the personalized orthopedic shoulder treatments and specialists you need are at the core of what we do. You’ll find a team approach to establishing a plan that helps heal your shoulder and restore your movement. From physical therapists to orthopedic surgeons versed in the most up-to-date, minimally invasive procedures — including the proximal humeral nail procedure pioneered within our network — we zero in on the best shoulder pain treatment for you. Our range of shoulder treatments include:

  • Arthroscopic Procedures
  • Internal Fixation Procedures
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Proximal Humeral Nail
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Rest and Physical Therapy
  • Shoulder Joint Replacements

We want to empower you by discussing all options. Whenever possible, we’ll recommend minimally invasive procedures to reduce pain and recovery time.

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Our orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, and expert medical team are here to help you regain your strength and confidence, so you can move about your life with less pain and more ease.