Wyatt’s Pediatric Rehab Journey

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There are so many unknowns when your child has special needs and imagining their future can be frustrating and scary, especially when they are undiagnosed.

Our child was not diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome until he was 14 months old, but we started attending feeding therapy at AdventHealth for Children Pediatric Rehab when he was just four months old.

After his amazing progress in such a short time, we added physical therapy to his care at six months old. He began speech therapy at 12 months and then enrolled in music therapy at age 2. The combination of all the therapies led to an explosion in his gross motor skills, vocabulary and expression. Just six months after starting music therapy his language was above a typical 2 ½ year old. He started occupational therapy at three years old and improved after just a few sessions.

Having all of his therapists under one roof is convenient and allows for full collaboration on his care. He has changed so much over the time we have been coming to Pediatric Rehab. We live over 40 minutes away and we have our choice of providers, but AdventHealth for Children Pediatric Rehab is our home.

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