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The Power of Twins at Work in the AdventHealth Family

The Power of Twins at Work in the AdventHealth Family

Their story begins 35 years ago at AdventHealth Zephyrhills, where twins Cheri Peat and Terri Graddy were born.

“She was alive and thriving,” Cheri says of her twin, “and they weren’t so sure about me.” Because Cheri was struggling, the twins were separated in an effort to ensure Terri’s survival. However, that well-intentioned separation came to an end when a doctor, believing in the power of twins, placed them back together. By the end of that day, Cheri had opened her eyes and was breathing on her own. A photo showing the babies holding hands is testament to that life-affirming decision.

The twin power that carried them through those first days is now on display at the hospital in Zephyrhills where they work, Cheri as an EVS manager and Terri as an ICU unit clerk. “If I’m having a tough day, I have her,” Terri says. “If she’s having a tough day, she has me.”

“It’s truly been full circle for us,” Cheri says.

Terri knows the ICU experience is not a joyous one for families and often requires a familiar face, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to just sit and pray with you – all of which she knows well. It was her own health scare that prompted her to join the AdventHealth family.

Hearing the twins tell the story of how their lives began and how they continue to find fulfillment in serving others in their AdventHealth roles is a heartwarming tale for our times.

“You’re not just joining a team, you’re not just joining to be a worker,” Cheri says. “You’re joining a family.”

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