Peds Rehab Offers Multidisciplinary Solution for Children Across Central Florida

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Our three dedicated pediatric clinics treat children from birth to 18 years of age providing service to thousands of patients each month. Every child is evaluated at his or her first visit, and an individualized treatment plan is established. Treatments are family-centered by design and strive to be fun and functional in order to maximize progress.

Our physical therapy program treats patients with orthopedic, neurologic and developmental diagnoses. At our Celebration location, we offer aquatic therapy for patients who cannot tolerate regular therapy or have specific goals that will be better addressed with the benefit of water. All three clinics offer bodyweight-supported gait and treadmill training, which allows children to learn to walk or walk better while providing the proper level of support.

Our occupational therapy team also treats orthopedic, neurological and developmental diagnoses. They address sensory processing and developmental coordination disorders as well. We offer a modified, constraint-induced, movement therapy program. This evidence-based program works with children who have unilateral, upper-extremity weakness of various causes. This is an intensive, specialty program that has yielded great outcomes.

Our speech therapy program treats children in individual or group settings depending on the child’s needs and family’s goals, with various receptive and expressive-language delays, articulation disorders, pragmatic disorders, processing disorders, feeding difficulties and hearing loss. We have specially trained therapists that work with kids who have trouble feeding because of sensory issues or mechanical disorders. We have an intensive program to wean children from feeding tubes as well.

Specially trained therapists also work with children who are diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing and choose spoken language after receiving amplification from hearing aids or cochlear implants. We treat children with auditory processing disorders including the use of the evidence-based, Interactive Metronome. We can also facilitate communication with alternative augmentative communication devices, including fitting hearing aids and mapping cochlear implants.

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