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Caring for the Caregivers

Caring for the Caregivers

Whole-person care is much more than a catchphrase for AdventHealth’s 90,000-plus team members. For caregivers, in particular, it is the light that guides each and every interaction with patients on the road to healing – body, mind and spirit. But what about the caregivers themselves? This is where Clinical Mission Integration (CMI) comes in, caring not only for patients’ spiritual needs, but helping ensure these vessels of light continue to burn brightly and not burn out.

In the video above you’ll meet Bonnie Hawkins-Jordan, a CMI specialist who travels weekly to share her light with caregivers at Texas Health Huguley, a joint venture between AdventHealth and Texas Health Resources, in Burleson, Texas, and at outpatient clinics. As one team member told Hawkins-Jordan during one of her visits, “You lift up our spirits. You get us through the hard times.”

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