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AdventHealth Physicians Heading to Bahamas to Aid Hurricane Dorian Victims

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AdventHealth is preparing to send a group of physicians and medical supplies to the Bahamas to aid in the recovery following Hurricane Dorian.

An assessment team of surgeons and emergency medicine physicians will accompany an initial shipment of supplies to the island nation as soon it is logistically feasible. The group could leave as early as Saturday, pending safe travel by air and then ground.

“The willingness of doctors, EMTs and nurses from AdventHealth nationwide to lend aid is a very powerful force multiplier,” said Dr. Alric Simmonds, vice president and chief medical officer of AdventHealth East Orlando who is coordinating the relief efforts. “We will be able to render aid and support the medical community in the Bahamas who desperately need help and resources.”

The physicians aren’t the only ones lining up to help. AdventHealth facilities and engineering team members are volunteering to travel to the Bahamas to provide additional support.

Donated medical supplies and equipment – such as surgical gloves and incubators to sustain babies — come from AdventHealth’s Global Missions, which receives donations and distributes them to underserved areas of the world.

“Our mission is to extend the healing ministry of Christ, and when people are in the greatest need is when that extension can mean the most,” said Monty Jacobs, director of Global Missions for AdventHealth.

Those who wish to contribute to the relief effort can contribute to a Bahamas Relief Fund established by the AdventHealth Foundation. One-hundred percent of tax-deductible gifts will be used by the AdventHealth Global Missions team and selected non-profit organizations to address the needs of the Bahamian people. Donations are being accepted at AdventHealth.com/Bahamas.

Additionally, AdventHealth team members can donate to the relief effort through payroll deduction.

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