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AdventHealth Hospitals in Florida Brace for Hurricane Ian

As Hurricane Ian approaches Florida, AdventHealth is taking measures to ensure the safety of team members and patients through the storm. As Ian’s impacts are felt throughout the state, the health system’s hospitals and other locations in West Florida and Central Florida have activated emergency management teams and hurricane protocols.

“Our hurricane protocols include activating team staffing procedures, conducting safety rounds, ensuring adequate water supply and backup generator power checks,” said AdventHealth president/CEO Terry Shaw.

To help Floridians in the hurricane’s path, AdventHealth is offering free telemedicine video visits. For those who have non-emergency health needs but are unable to leave home, the board-certified health care teams at AdventHealth Video Visits are available for free video visits, 24 hours a day, from 8 am Wednesday, Sept. 28, through 8 am Friday, Sept. 30.

The free visits can be accessed by any Florida resident affected by Hurricane Ian via the AdventHealth app, available through the App Store or Google Play. Patients must use the promo code “Ian” to access the free service offered by AdventHealth Video Visits.

AdventHealth is closely monitoring the path of the storm and its projected impacts and will make timely decisions based on the safety of team members, patients and communities.

For the latest updates on AdventHealth’s Florida facility hours and availability, as well as resources for health and hurricane planning, click here.

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