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Treating Your Muscle Weakness

Restoring Your Strength

Opening jars, getting up out of a chair, lifting a little one onto your lap. If you're experiencing muscle weakness, you might find that even the simplest daily activities have become a challenge. It can be tough to accept and understand these unwelcome changes. Helping you confront them and offering a comprehensive plan to treat them are where we come in.

Myasthenia gravis, or muscle weakness, is a very treatable autoimmune disease. At AdventHealth, we'll talk with you about your experience, test your muscle strength, and create a customized muscle weakness treatment plan that not only addresses your physical symptoms, but provides care for your mental and spiritual health as well. We can help restore your strength, so you can return to the life you love.

Managing a Myasthenia Gravis Diagnosis

Relief for Muscle Weakness

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Understanding the Symptoms of Muscle Weakness

Maybe you haven't gotten results from a former treatment plan, or you've been told muscle weakness was "in your head." The award-winning AdventHealth network of hospitals, neurologists, and support teams is here to get the source of your symptoms and help you get back to living a fulfilling and healthy life.

Myasthenia gravis can make normal movements more difficult, including:

  • Breathing
  • Holding Up Your Head
  • Seeing
  • Swallowing or Chewing
  • Using Your Arms or Hands
  • Walking

You may not have all of these symptoms, and if you do, they might vary from day to day. To help us understand what's going on, we'll talk with you about your family and medical history and conduct a complete physical exam. After that, we'll assess your degree of muscle weakness in various ways, including:

  • Blood Analyses
  • CT Scans or MRIs
  • Edrophonium Tests
  • EMGs
  • Genetic Testing
  • Repetitive Nerve Stimulation

Muscle weakness should never define you. It's an obstacle we want to help you overcome. Once we confirm your condition, we'll evaluate how serious it is, exploring all factors. Some people with a myasthenia gravis diagnosis experience mild symptoms and see immediate results. For others, it may take longer. Whatever your situation, we'll employ innovative muscle weakness treatments and the compassionate, whole-person care that defines us. 

Advanced Muscle Weakness Treatments for Better Living

The communication between nerves and muscle is what makes it possible for you to complete everyday tasks. When that communication breaks down, the functionality you're used to is compromised and it's natural to feel concerned. While some muscle fatigue is normal, it's important to treat persistent issues. Our experienced network of nationally recognized neurologists is prepared to give you the personalized muscle weakness treatments you need, developed through experience, dedication, and compassion. Your myasthenia gravis treatments might include:

  • IV Therapy
  • Lifestyle Adjustments, Including Safety Precautions in the Home
  • Medication, Such As Anti-Cholinesterase and Immunosuppressive Drugs
  • Surgery to Remove Your Thymus Gland

We want to help you find your strength again. But that extends further than just physical strength. As part of our commitment to whole-person care, we'll help build up your mind and spirit, too. Count on the neurologists and other specialists at AdventHealth to provide the best care and the best support.

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