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Insightful Medical Imaging Services

Lighting the Way to Better Health

When something feels wrong, you want to know why. Understanding the cause behind your headache, stomach pain, or muscle weakness can help you start healing. At AdventHealth Zephyrhills, formerly Florida Hospital Zephyrhills, we want to give you the knowledge you need to move forward in your care with confidence. With advanced scanners, MRIs, X-rays, and a host of other imaging tools, we can diagnose your condition faster and more precisely than ever. And we’ll do it using minimally invasive procedures designed specially for comfort and accuracy. Whether you need help evaluating a bone fracture, discovering the gender of your unborn baby, or preventing breast cancer, we’ll do all we can to help.

Precise, Fast, and Comfortable

Medical Imaging Services in Zephyrhills

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Advanced Imaging With Your Comfort and Convenience in Mind

From calculating your risk of fractures to diagnosing cancer, the medical imaging services team at AdventHealth Zephyrhills, formerly Florida Hospital Zephyrhills, offers a range of diagnostic tools to empower you with greater health. With non-invasive options like FibroScan® and quiet, customizable MRI scans, we’re making the screening process more comfortable and more about you. Imaging and radiology services we provide include:

  • Angiography helps us detect issues in the arteries, veins, and heart chambers so we can bring you faster, more effective healing.
  • Bone densitometry (DEXA) scans measure the density and mineral content of your bones to screen for osteoporosis and calculate your risk of fractures.
  • Computed tomography (CT) scans examine the bones and soft tissues inside your body. Our special 128-slice CT scanner produces crisp images quickly while providing protection for your sensitive organs, such as the heart, eyes, breasts and thyroid gland.
  • Diagnostic X-rays can be used to assess broken bones, fractures, and other issues affecting the bones, muscles, and organs.
  • Digital 3D mammograms help us screen for breast cancer more quickly and effectively.
  • FibroScans® are innovative, non-invasive methods for measuring liver stiffness without using a needle. We’re pleased to offer the only FibroScan® technology in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Fluoroscopy creates a continuous moving image of the inside of your body through X-ray technology, which helps us more quickly identify any functionality issues.
  • Interventional radiology provides diagnoses using imaging technology and minimally invasive procedures.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans take detailed pictures of the inside of your body.  Our MRI features a wide bore design to reduce that closed in feeling of traditional MRIs and provides high-quality images for better diagnosis.
  • Nuclear medicine uses radiopharmaceuticals to assess your body’s functions and detect abnormalities so your doctor can diagnose and develop a treatment plan.
  • Positron emission technology (PET) scans help us evaluate tumors, cardiac diseases, and neurologic disorders by looking at cell function.
  • Ultrasounds use sound waves to take pictures of the body’s internal organs and blood vessels.

You deserve to feel comfortable and reassured during your test. In addition to our wide bore MRI design, you can also rest easy knowing we have a Quiet Suite MRI to reduce noise during your exam.  

Preparing for Your Upcoming Screening in Our Medical Imaging Center

When you know what to expect, you can be more confident and less anxious. We need to know what to expect too, which is why, before your exam, we’ll talk about your medical history and any allergies you may have. We’ll even ask if you experience claustrophobia and take steps to make your screening process less cramped.

In preparation for some tests, you may need to change into scrubs or a gown, and we may ask you to remove any metal jewelry or electronic devices. In certain cases, you may need to fast for several hours beforehand. To help us get a clearer look at the inside of your body, we may ask you to drink a liquid called a contrast or we may inject this intravenously.  Following your test, you can expect your recovery period to be fairly short.

It’s natural to feel anxious going into a procedure, but we’ll be here to guide you along from start to finish. After your test, a board-certified radiologist will assess your images, delivering results to your doctor as soon as possible. If you have any concerns or questions, just ask. We’re here to ease your mind as we help your body begin the healing process. To learn more about what to expect for your individual test, visit us or talk to your doctor.

A Certified Team of Imaging Experts

When you're dealing with pain, an injury, or symptoms that cause you stress, you need a team of experienced, qualified experts to help you identify the issue to start creating a treatment plan. At AdventHealth Zephyrhills, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Our certified team includes:

  • Radiologic Technologists who are board-certified with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and the Florida Department of Health Medical Quality Assurance
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists who are board-certified by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board, the American Registry of Radiologic Technology, and the Florida Department of Health Medical Quality Assurance.
  • Sonographers who are board-certified with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

What does that mean for you? High-quality care from a network of world-class radiology and imaging experts. In other words, you can be confident that our diagnoses and treatments will be just what you need to take the next step toward healing.

Simpson Breast Health Center

When you need specific breast imaging care like a mammogram or breast ultrasound, you’ll find both advanced imaging services and compassion in our Simpson Breast Health Center. A member of the National Consortium of Breast Centers, our facility offers a wide range of breast care services in a comfortable, spa-like environment. To make sure you feel taken care of at every turn, we’ll pair you with a navigator who will help streamline your care process, answer any questions you may have, and simplify things like paperwork, registration, and scheduling.

Some imaging services we offer in the Simpson Breast Health Center include:

  • Breast MRI
  • Breast Ultrasound (3D Shearwave Elastography)
  • Bone Densitometry (DEXA)
  • Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography
  • Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography)
  • Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping and Biopsy
  • Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

We’re here to support you from the very beginning, starting with prevention and diagnosis.

To schedule your personalized appointment with the Simpson Breast Health Center, call Call813-779-6278 .

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Skilled Radiologists. Advanced Technology.

Medical Imaging Services You Can Rely On

Our team of skilled radiologists work with the area’s most advanced medical imaging technologies for faster diagnosis and treatment.

Convenient Locations. Faster Results.

Whole-Person Care and Support

Our multidisciplinary care team offers a wide variety of Imaging Services at locations that are convenient to you. We work to get you your results quickly so you can start getting the care you need. We’re also here to help connect you with the resources you need to overcome any roadblocks — whether it’s helping you find someone to drive you home after an imaging appointment, or connecting you with support groups for people who share your diagnosis. Because at AdventHealth Zephyrhills, it’s not just about healing your body; it’s about easing your mind, lifting your spirit, and getting you back to whole health as soon as possible.