Virtual: Car Seat Safety Checks 8/7/2021 9:45 - 10:30 AM

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  • A virtual visit with our nationally certified child passenger safety technician will provide you with useful knowledge of car seat safety for your little one. Families delivering with us are advised to set up an appointment time at least one month before delivery. Please note, car seat checks will not be done at hospital discharge (which is why at least one month before the due date is recommended). We recommend caregivers going to to better assist in deciding what car seat is best for them before the appointment. If your family has more than one seat to install, one appointment time is required per seat. When booking, your time is not confirmed until all requirements are met. Requirements for caregivers: ~ Please provide the best contact phone number and email address. We will require the car seat and vehicle information before appointment confirmation. ~ Video and audio quality are essential. Please be sure to be in an area with a reliable connection and away from background interference, such as street noises. ~ Plan to have your vehicle in a safe, undisturbed area for your installation. For inclement weather, try to conduct your installation in an area that will not be disturbed by rain or traffic, for example, in a carport or garage. ~ Plan to have another adult available to operate the camera (smartphone) since one person will be working in the vehicle. This adult could also be responsible for any children available during the install. ~ Ensure your car seat is not expired. ~ If you have a previously used car seat, please obtain the seat's history. ~ If your used car seat was involved in a car accident, please visit: to see if it needs to be replaced or the car seat manufacturer for guidance on use. You will receive the Microsoft Teams link the day of the class. You can always contact us at [email protected] with any questions before or after your appointment.
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