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  • A new year signals all of us to think about new beginnings. Especially after a trying 2020, it’s exciting to envision a healthier you, in body, mind and spirit. Join integrative medicine physician Tereza Hubkova, MD, for a virtual interactive and educational program as she explores a new health topic each week. From personalized nutrition to using food as medicine, Dr. Hubkova will provide simple and effective steps that will support your journey to whole health.

    Cold, Flu and How to Lower Your Risk Naturally | Jan. 19, noon to 1 pm | $20

    Your immune system plays an important role in protecting your body from illness-causing germs. Keeping your immune system healthy is key during cold and flu season. In this session you will learn how nutrition, sleep, stress and physical activity affect our immune health and which vitamins, supplements and herbs support your immune system.

    Food as Medicine | Jan. 26, noon to 1 pm | $15

    According to the State of U.S. Health report published in JAMA in 2019, diet is the biggest factor that determines our health and ability to enjoy our life. Along with regular exercise, maintaining optimal weight and not smoking, healthy diet has the power to eliminate 91 percent of diabetes, 80 percent of coronary heart disease and approximately 36 to 45 percent of cancer risk. Join Dr. Tereza Hubkova, Medical Director of the Center for Whole Health and a former Canyon Ranch physician, to learn how you can improve your health through diet, at any age.

    Power Up Your Brain | Feb. 2, noon to 1 pm | $15

    More and more Americans suffer from depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder and dementia. Learn what lifestyle choices may lower your risk, how they may be informed by genetics and how you can optimize the function of your brain to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

    Integrative Approach to Cardiovascular Prevention | Feb. 9, noon to 1 pm | $15

    Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death, yet we could prevent 80 to 90 percent with a few simple, healthy habits. During this session you will learn which biomarkers are necessary to check if you are at an increased risk and how to lower it.

    Set Yourself Up for Good Sleep | Feb. 16, noon to 1 pm | $15

    About 60 percent of women after menopause struggle with insomnia, and many have undiagnosed sleep apnea. Meanwhile, sleep apnea and insomnia contribute to the risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, weight gain, depression and many other health conditions. Learn ways to improve your sleep, pros and cons of commonly prescribed sleep aids and how a home sleep study could be the solution to feeling your best in body, mind and spirit.

    How to Master Menopause | Feb. 23, noon to 1 pm | $15

    Learn how to minimize hot flashes, weight gain, sleep issues, vaginal dryness and depression through this major transition. While menopause is not a disease, many women are significantly affected by menopausal symptoms, and suffer needlessly. We will discuss an integrative, natural approach to menopause, pros and cons of hormone replacement and why certain bioidentical hormones might be a better choice.

    Everything You Need to Know About Your Thyroid | March 2, noon to 1 pm | $15

    Are you feeling tired, gaining weight, losing hair or suffering from constipation? Your thyroid may be the cause. Join us to explore the factors affecting your thyroid function and learn available treatment options.

    Gut Health, Immune Health and Brain Health –What Is the Connection? | March 9, noon to 1 pm | $15

    Our brain health, immune system, hormonal balance and digestive health are closely interconnected. The gut is also the home of trillions of microscopic organisms that have a profound impact on our brain health, immune system, hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, and more. In this session you will learn how our food, lifestyle choices and environment affect our gut microbiome, immune health and brain health.

    Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance in the 21st Century | March 30, noon to 1 pm | $15

    According to the CDC, nearly 50 percent of Americans are trying to lose weight at any given time. That’s not surprising given that 70 percent of us are overweight and carrying excess body fat. Our genetics have a substantial impact on our weight and can inform our lifestyle choices. Learn how to determine your optimal weight, how to maintain it and what can make some people resistant to weight loss. We will discuss the role our lifestyle, microbiomes and circadian rhythm on our metabolism.

    Personalized Nutrition – Can Knowing Your Genes Help? | April 6, noon to 1 pm | $15

    Modern medicine should be personalized, predictive, preventative and participative. The dynamic and rapidly evolving field of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics allows us to do just that. Come and learn how the knowledge of our genes may allow for a more personalized approach to prevention through dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

    It Takes Guts to Feel Whole | April 13, noon to 1 pm | $15

    One in three Americans suffer from digestive issues or disease. Join Dr. Hubkova to learn a holistic approach to common digestive issues such as reflux, bloating, constipation, irritable bowel and more. We will focus on the importance of gut microbiome and how to protect it for optimal health.

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