Virtual Tuesdays with Dr. Tereza Hubkova

  • Cost: $15 - $20
  • Event Type: Class
  • Join Tereza Hubkova, MD, ABIHM, ABIM, for an interactive educational program and a unique opportunity to ask questions you might have related to each week’s topic and beyond.

    Noon to 12:50 pm | Zoom webinar (link will be sent prior to event) | $20/session

    Guests are welcome to attend any or all sessions.

    Register online at or by calling Call913-676-7777, option 2.

    Oct. 6 – Strengthen Your Immune System with Simple Strategies

    Cold and flu season may be beginning, but the need for a healthy immune system never ends. Learn how the immune system develops in childhood, the relationship between our microbiome and immune health, and how nutrition, sleep, stress and physical activity affects our immune health.

    Oct. 13 – Digestive Health – Healing from the Inside Out

    Did you know that 70 percent of the body’s immune system and gut microbiota plays a major role in

    immune health? Poor gut health is not only linked to gastrointestinal problems but may play a role in

    the management of serious diseases. Learn common digestive disorders and the importance of the gut

    microbiome and its connection to immune and brain health.

    Oct. 20 – Boost Your Brain Health

    Some changes, like needing bifocals to read the newspaper, are perfectly normal as our eyes age. And as

    our brains age, it’s normal to briefly forget the day of the week or struggle a bit to find the right word. For

    some people, changes in their brain’s ability to function as it used to may signal the onset of a dementia related illness such as Alzheimer’s disease. Learn what lifestyle choices can lower our risk of dementia and common contributing factors to dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

    Nov. 3 - 10 Steps to Lasting Weight Loss

    According to the CDC, nearly 50 percent of Americans are trying to lose weight at any given time. That’s not surprising given that 70 percent of us are overweight and carrying excess body fat. Before giving up on your weight-loss goals entirely, consider whether you just need to change your approach. Learn how to determine your optimal weight and how to maintain it. We will also discuss 11 key aspects to successful weight maintenance and common weight loss strategies and pitfalls.

    Nov. 10 - “Superpower Triangle” - Gut, Immune and Brain Health

    Researchers are learning how the food we eat and how we digest it may cause changes in the brain. One of the things they’re finding is that the gut biome — where viruses, bacteria and other microbes live in the digestive system — may affect cognitive decline. In this session you will learn how our digestive, immune and brain health interconnect and cross-communicate and how our food and environment affect our gut microbiome, immune health and brain health.

    Nov. 17 - How to Master Menopause

    Come and learn how to minimize hot flashes, weight gain, sleep issues, vaginal dryness and depression through this major transition. While menopause is not a disease, many women are significantly affected by menopausal symptoms, and suffer needlessly. We will discuss an integrative, natural approach to menopause as well as pros and cons of hormone replacement.

    Dec. 1 - Set Yourself Up for Good Sleep

    About 60 percent of women after menopause struggle with insomnia, and many have undiagnosed sleep apnea. Meanwhile, stress and insomnia contribute to risk of depression as well as dementia. Come and learn some tips to improve your sleep, learn a few tools to help you deal with stress and strategies to lower your risk of cognitive decline.

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