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The anesthesiologists at AdventHealth Ottawa, formally Ransom Memorial Health, offer a full range of anesthesia service to the community including anesthesia within the surgical areas, endoscopy, OB pain management including a labor epidural service, and emergency airway assistance.

Dr. Mayank Gupta is a board-certified, fellowship-trained Interventional Pain Management Physician. He also offers advanced procedures, including ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve stimulation and radiofrequency ablation. He is one of few physicians in the country to perform ultrasound-guided occipital nerve radiofrequency ablation for headaches and radiofrequency of splanchnic nerve for chronic abdominal pain and chronic pancreatitis.

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  • Complex Back Pain
  • Management of Facial Pain
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Neck Pain with Failed Surgery
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Balancing real life with recovery isn’t always easy. That’s why we take a multidisciplinary approach to Pain Management. We'll connect you with the diagnostic specialists who can get to the root of your condition, the experts who can heal what hurts, and a compassionate Home Care team who can provide the care you need in the comfort of your living room.