Gibson Foundation Makes a Lasting Impact

Raymond and Marguerite Gibson Medical Arts Building in Ottawa, Kansas

Ottawa, KS - The Legacy of Raymond and Marguerite Gibson will continue in this community for eternity thanks to their diligent financial planning and major philanthropic efforts preceding their passing.

The Ransom Memorial Hospital Charitable Association DBA AdventHealth Ottawa Foundation is especially grateful to announce the receipt of $41,094 in early June 2019 and a letter explaining a gift similar in size will be received annually into perpetuity. “The generosity of the Gibsons completely re-energizes the hospital foundation and its board members to keep growing this organization and supplementing the hospital’s growth. I am proud to have served on the board alongside Marguerite in the past and am delighted by her unending support,” commented Vance Finch AdventHealth Ottawa Foundation Board Chair.

Both Raymond and Marguerite, life-long residents of Franklin County, supported, volunteered, and advocated for Ransom Memorial Hospital now known as AdventHealth Ottawa. They saw a multitude of changes take place over the years, including the addition of various physicians and new service lines. In 2004 after Raymond’s passing, Marguerite donated $880,000 to the hospital as part of a capital campaign for modernization and expansion that provided private rooms for hospital inpatients. She continued to give numerous smaller gifts until her passing in late 2017.

“We have always enjoyed doing good things for the hospital and the community,” exclaimed Marguerite in a 2015 interview with the hospital’s Foundation Executive Director, Kaci Brady. “Patrons of this community need to be more aware of how lucky we are to have a really great hospital so close to home. When you have lived here all your life, you don’t fully understand the benefit of having a hospital in your back door until you have had to use them in an emergency situation.”

Retaining a hospital in Franklin County is vital to the future growth and development of this community and the Gibsons’ continuing donation will ensure stability for generations to come. “The hospital Foundation would like to graciously thank the Gibsons for their commitment to not only Ransom Memorial Hospital, but to several organizations and especially the citizens of Franklin County. They truly have made a lasting impact on this community. We hope that their generosity will not go unnoticed,” said Kaci Brady, Executive Director AdventHealth Ottawa Foundation. The Gibsons’ gift ensures the hospital will forever have supplemental funding for purchasing updated medical devices, providing expanded treatment options and/or ensuring all patients are treated for any illness/injury no matter their ability to pay.

Contact: Kaci Brady, Executive Director of Foundation
Tel: 785-248-2911

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