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Peggy Smith and Trevor Sizemore Receive Service Standard Awards at AdventHealth Manchester

Peggy and Trevor were recognized for their positive attitudes, helpful nature, and exemplifying our services standards: Love Me, Keep Me Safe, Make It Easy, and Own It. Both are true examples of our mission to Extend the Healing Ministry of Christ.

April Kagin, Director of Inpatient Nursing shared that “Peggy ‘makes it easy’ for new nurses and staff by helping them any way she can. She is always a team player and helps any way she can. Her name was recently even mentioned on a Glint survey from her coworker saying she is always willing to help anyone, anytime.”

“Peggy is always quick to be attentive to her patients, delivering heartfelt care and taking extra time to address needs others might not notice. She is an understated resource for all the newer nurses around her and freely gives of her time and nursing knowledge to those not as experienced as her. I feel this makes her a most valuable member of the nursing team at AdventHealth Manchester.” said James Hayes, former nurse.

When discussing team member, Trevor Sizemore, Kristy Harris, former Surgery Manager, said, “He ‘makes it easy’ for us in the surgery department by taking ownership of the supply room. For instance, today, I had an abundance of extra supplies to put back in the stock room. I told him that I would get to it sometime today, he volunteered to put up the supplies. I told him if he had time he could, but if not, I would do it. I came back later, and he was putting up the supplies. He's great to work with, and anytime we need anything he is willing to do whatever he needs to and help.”

Each quarter, AdventHealth Manchester names one clinical and one non-clinical Service Standard Award based on demonstrating extraordinary dedication to their work. Employees are nominated by their supervising managers, team leads, or directors. The hospital's C-suite and other senior staff determine the winners based on those nominations. At the end of the year, two employees from the 8 chosen are recognized as employees of the year for exemplary service.

Congratulations Peggy and Trevor! Your recognition is much-deserved and AHM is proud to have you as team members.

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