Open House and Ribbon Cutting at Oneida Primary Care

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Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) celebrated the Open house and ribbon cutting of its newest clinic in Oneida on 27th April 2018, in front of a full crowd. Many community members and leaders attended, including members of the Oneida Planning Committee, James Ed, the Mayor of Manchester, William Sexton, Superintendent of the CC School Board and various hospital staff.

The ceremony began with Erika Skula, President/CEO of Manchester Memorial Hospital welcoming everyone to the venue. She spoke about the rich historic background of the Oneida location and the original clinic that was built there in the early 70s. It is indeed our privilege to be able to come back to the original location and extend our mission within this community again, said Skula. She then introduced the clinic team to those gathered, inclusive of Ginger Smith, APRN, Eric Woods, Michelle Reed and Cindy Hall, the clinic manager.

Manchester Memorial Hospital is always looking for better ways to deliver high-quality, cost-effective health care, and now we have the opportunity to provide greater access to expanded services in Oneida, said Skula. We are confident that the new facility would allow us to better address the growing demand for health care in our area, which will help make our whole community healthier.

Larry Gritton, President of the Oneida Baptist Institute (OBI) and member of the Oneida Committee then took the podium for a prayer and to build more on the history of the area and how important this new clinic is for the community. At this time, he also took a moment to honor Mabel Ruth Skip Spell, one of the original nurse practitioners of the area, with a plaque. Another collage and plaque have been put up inside the clinic to honor Skip. Mr. Gritton also gifted the original Oneida Clinic sign, a beautiful wooden piece of art in perfect condition, to the clinic, which was installed right outside.

David Watson, the Plant Services Director for the hospital closed the event by doing a devotion that moved the crowd. He also shared his own personal experience of how the new clinic build started and got completed in record time and what it meant for the people of the Oneida community to have medical services this close to home. He also mentioned the site and plans for the new water kiosk that the hospital is going to build in Oneida to facilitate clean drinking water within the community.

The ribbon cutting was carried out by Erika Skula and Skip Spell, along with the C-Suite of the hospital, clinic team and the Oneida Committee. Light refreshments were also served at the occasion, and clinic tours were arranged for the visitors.

The Oneida primary Care clinic is located on 145 Orchard Street, Oneida, KY 40972. For more details about the clinic log on to AdventHealth Manchester or call Call606-847-4000 to schedule an appointment.

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