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Celebrating Women's History Month with Penny Rush

Penny Rush serves as the pre-registration clerk at AdventHealth London Parkway Clinic. She began her career in healthcare 47 years ago at a local hospital, where she worked in registration and human resources. When Penny was in high school, she had a friend who was interested in nursing and convinced her to apply for a position at the hospital. At the time, Penny was taking business classes at the local college and thought she could apply her business studies to a job in healthcare, so she decided to go for it. Years later, when Penny learned that Dr. Maxey was starting his own practice, she volunteered for a few weeks to help him get ready for the grand opening. Penny shared, “I immediately fell in love with working in the clinic, and soon after I was hired. Working with Dr. Maxey and the rest of the healthcare team has been a wonderful experience for me.”

Throughout her career, Penny has learned a lot about the healthcare field, both in terms of the technical aspects and interpersonal relationships. She shared, “One of the things that has been most rewarding to me is being able to help people in need. Whether it is providing them with medical care or just being there to listen and offer support, I feel like I have made a difference in people's lives. In addition to this, I have also learned the importance of balance in a healthcare career. It is important to be able to balance work with personal life in order to stay motivated and continue to provide the best care possible. I have also learned the importance of networking with other healthcare professionals. Having a good relationship with other professionals in the field is essential for providing the best care possible.”

When asked what advice she would share with someone interested in a career in healthcare, Penny said, “My biggest piece of advice is to do some soul searching before committing to a career in healthcare. It takes a special kind of person to have compassion and love towards their patients. There will be days where people are rude and hurtful, but you must remember that it could be the worst day of their life. It's important to have patience and love, as well as a passion for helping people. For me, the most rewarding aspects of my career are the little moments I get to spend with my patients. It's an adventure every day, and I'm always learning.” To stay motivated, Penny shared that she surrounds herself with a great team and her supportive family. She said, “I find it rewarding and motivating to help people […].”

Penny’s positive outlook, outgoing and cheerful nature, and welcoming presence is a true blessing to the AdventHealth team. Her commitment to our service standards and mission helps our team extend the healing ministry of Christ to the Laurel Country community.