AdventHealth Manchester Replaces Waiting Rooms and Paperwork with Curbside Check-in and Touchless Registration

AdventHealth, Manchester, has eliminated paper intake forms and shared waiting rooms to accommodate social distancing at AdventHealth Manchester and its physician offices across Clay and surrounding counties.

Kentucky has seen over 10,000 COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, but Clay County has only seen 27 confirmed cases as of June 28, 2020. There were three deaths reported for the county.

As the country reopens and health care providers welcome their patients, new workflows and processes are being implemented to prevent the spread of viruses and infectious diseases like COVID-19. In addition to expanding video visit capabilities for its providers, AdventHealth is swapping the waiting room for a curbside waiting lot and replacing paper intake forms with online check-in at its hospitals and physician offices. Patients will no longer need to enter a waiting room worrying that they or their companion will sit near someone who is sick.

These changes aim to reduce unnecessary points of contact with others and remove the risk of exposure in a shared waiting room. To enable this touchless registration and check-in experience, AdventHealth Manchester now offers online check-in and invites patients to wait comfortably in their car until their care team is ready to see them. This may also reduce wait times in the process, meaning patients spend less time waiting and more time focusing on their care. Since rolling out this process across the country, the health system is seeing 95% patient satisfaction from those who have chosen to use online check-in.

Five days before a scheduled appointment at AdventHealth, patients can complete their intake forms online. An hour prior to the appointment, the patient will receive a link allowing them to check in once they have arrived at the parking lot. When their care team is ready for them, the patient will be notified to enter and will be greeted at the door with a temperature check and face mask before being escorted to their appointment. For patients who opt out of online check-in, a team member will complete their registration over the phone or once the patient is safely inside their room.

“While safety concerns during the pandemic may have caused some to postpone their medical needs, it is crucial that people do not put off care until their needs are severe,” said Anita Cornett, MD, chief medical officer of AdventHealth Manchester. “Among numerous other ways we are safely reopening our locations, offering an alternative to paper intake forms and waiting rooms was a clear way forward to provide safe, whole-person health care to our communities.”