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AdventHealth Manchester partners with local church to teach CREATION Life principles

On November 30th, our Community Outreach Coordinator/CREATION Life Champion, Randy Craft, and CREATION Life Champion/Chaplain, Marlon Robinson, partnered with Church of God Worship Center's Youth to teach CREATION Life principles. The youth group is called Rise Student Ministries and is led by Donnie Stevens. The group ranges from ages 12 to 18. There were approximately 15 students in attendance.

During his presentations on the CREATION Life program, our team member taught students the significance of each letter of CREATION and how to practically apply these principles in their daily lives. His lesson on E-Environment is an excellent example of how Randy customizes this curriculum for students. He teaches students the importance of taking responsibility for their environments and keeping their classrooms and rooms at home clean, healthy, and safe spaces. As a former law enforcement officer, Randy shares a unique perspective of Environment with students, teaching them essential safety tactics and how to stay aware and safe in their environments. When crime, specifically human trafficking, is a rising problem globally, teaching our students how to stay safe and aware and not panic in dangerous situations is vitally important and potentially lifesaving should they ever find themselves in an unsafe situation.

"It was enlightening to hear the different aspects of being healthy and successful broken down into focus areas. Using the CREATION acronym helped put things into a relatable and applicable concept for the kids. I appreciate what Randy Craft had to say, and his honest 'from the heart' presentation style made things easy for the kids to understand and kept their attention. If they put half of the CREATION concepts to use, their lives will be better!" said Donnie Stevens.

CREATION Life champions also give particular emphasis to Positive Outlook when teaching CREATION Life to students. Craft shares that "it's hard to succeed in life without a positive outlook. In my opinion, it's the most important thing I teach." Teaching students to keep a positive outlook and attitude, especially during difficult or discouraging seasons, is key to helping students learn how to "Feel Whole" and promotes positive self-image, confidence, determination, and a greater sense of hope and excitement for the future.