AdventHealth Hendersonville’s New CT Scanner Offers Safer Scans for Patients Revolution Apex Scanner is First in WNC

N.C., AdventHealth Hendersonville’s New CT Scanner Offers Safer Scans for Patients

Revolution Apex Scanner* is First in WNC

June 10, 2020; HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. – AdventHealth Hendersonville is excited to now offer enhanced CT imaging to patients across Western North Carolina. It is the first health system in the region to have the GE Healthcare Revolution* Apex CT Scanner which provides 4D Imaging so physicians can see an entire organ, such as the heart, including its blood flow and motion. The enhanced imaging and speed of this scanner enables doctors to diagnose patients with even the most challenging health issues.

“Providing our patients with the safest, most effective screening technology is a priority for the AdventHealth Imaging team,” said Todd Guffey, MSML, RT, (R)(ARRT), AdventHealth Hendersonville Director of Imaging. “We are the first to have this new technology in Western North Carolina and it allows us to scan critical patients which includes those experiencing stroke, cardiac issues or trauma and get results back to ER providers, surgeons, and other providers very quickly. And that means answers and faster access to quality care for our patients.”

CT is a non-invasive and expedient way to look inside the body at organs, soft tissues, vascular structures and bones using x-rays to generate very high-resolution images of the body. It does this by rotating an x-ray source and detector around the patient as the patient is moved through the device.

The wide coverage of AdventHealth’s new Revolution Apex CT allows health care providers to scan entire organs such as the brain, heart, liver and pancreas, in a single 0.28 sec rotation. That means patients don’t have to hold their breath as long, they don’t have to be exposed to as much radiation from the X-rays and their doctors get more information from a single scan. One example of how the speed of this technology benefits patients is in the case of a stroke. The faster scan allows providers to gather information about function as well as anatomy, enabling a comprehensive stroke assessment of the brain in a single exam.

Guffey adds, “The Revolution Apex CT’s speed doesn’t impact the quality of the scan, but it does make it easier on the patient because it creates less noise, has softer lighting and in some cases patients may not need as much medication or contrast because the imaging is over so quickly.”

AdventHealth began using the Revolution* Apex CT in early May and is already measuring performance data to assess and improve quality for various patients, including those experiencing symptoms of stroke.

“AdventHealth has made a promise to provide safe, quality, whole-person care. Having this innovative technology in place at our hospital allows us to continue to fulfill that promise through our efforts to receive national certifications for stroke, cardiac and other critical health needs,” said Cory Reeves, AdventHealth Hendersonville President and CEO.

Revolution* Apex CT delivers high definition imaging across the entire body, helping physicians make a confident diagnosis across all applications:

  • Cardiac exams in a single heartbeat
  • Whole brain imaging in less than a second
  • Low dose, whole organ diagnosis and follow-up for oncology patients
  • Detailed bone imaging, even for patients with metal implants
  • Sedation-free and low dose scans for pediatric patients.

AdventHealth Imaging is using the Revolution* Apex CT to provide emergency and scheduled diagnostic scans. To schedule an appointment, please call Call828-681-2180.

* Trademark of General Electric Company