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AdventHealth Announces New Winner of Sunflower Award

N.C., AdventHealth Announces New Winner of Sunflower Award

Sep. 8, 2021; HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. AdventHealth Hendersonville is excited to introduce you to the newest member of its nursing support team to win the Sunflower Award. Cindy Ledford, CNA, is a member of the Behavioral Health Unit care team.

Ledford is committed to her role of supporting the nurses on the Women’s Behavioral Health Unit. She is compassionate toward all the patients and puts their safety first. She also finds ways to ensure the nursing team can complete their full care duties.

As her nomination explains, that can require some creativity.

One day in particular shines through as to how Cindy goes above and beyond her job. In this particular example, the nurses were working on documentation for patient care.

They had several very needy patients who continued to come up to the nurse’s station. They would knock on the glass every 3 to 4 minutes consistently for hours with requests. Cindy took it upon herself to gather all the ladies in the dining room and have a “dance party.” She played some music, the ladies danced, laughed, had a great time.

After that, Cindy had the women sit down and do some journaling, coloring, drawing, and listening to music with her. When she checked back with the nurses, they were so thankful because they were able to complete their work knowing the patients were safe under Cindy’s care.

The nursing team summed up Cindy’s compassionate care for patients and the team, “This is just one example of how she always gets the job done.”

AdventHealth Hendersonville established the quarterly Sunflower Award to recognize certified nursing assistants who commit to striving for excellence in their profession; consistently deliver patient-centered, whole-person care with integrity; embrace the opportunity to learn and grow; and integrate change to improve the health and well-being of patients, family members and guests while Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ.