Training Our Future

The AdventHealth Gordon Robotic Surgery team is giving back to the community by investing in the lives of the health care professionals of the future. Since 2017, sixteen students are selected from Calhoun High School, Sonoraville High School, Gordon Central High School, and Georgia-Cumberland Academy to attend the annual AdventHealth Gordon Surgical Outreach Program for students interested in pursuing a career in health care.

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Student Testimonials


"I’m really excited because the robot is so cool and so new. The innovation just really excites me, and I think that’s one of the cool things about the medical field."

Author name Mason Ray

Author title Calhoun High School

Student Testimonials


"Getting this hands-on experience, I’m able to see what it’s actually like in an operating room."

Author name Isaac Overfield

Author title Georgia Cumberland Academy

Student Testimonials


"It’s really exciting just being able to experience this and broaden my knowledge and future about what I want to explore."

Author name Nathan Ortiz

Author title Sonoraville High School

Student Testimonials


"It shows me that not only is the surgeon working, but there’s a team that goes along with it."

Author name Via Garcia

Author title Calhoun High School

Two nurses from AdventHealth Gordon Robotic Surgery talking.

Creating a Foundation

The Surgical Outreach Program, conducted by AdventHealth Gordon's Urologic Oncologist and Director of Robotic Surgery Hak Lee, MD; Director of Surgical Services Vernon Gipson, RN; and Robotic Clinical Coordinator Sharon Bass, RN, devote an entire day to teaching students surgical skills and giving them hands-on experience with some of the most advanced medical equipment in the industry, including the da Vinci robot.

Introducing New Possibilities

“I wanted to provide a service to students that opens their eyes to what career paths are out there and expose them to things that they don’t normally see,” said Dr. Lee. “This program is meant to get students interested and involved in the surgical or medical field and to give them a foundation to start their educational careers.”

Students engaged in activities similar to the experiences medical students have during their residencies. The program trained the students to develop basic suturing skills, laparoscopic surgical skills, da Vinci robotic skills, and endoscopic urological techniques. The students gained additional insight on urology because of Dr. Lee’s specialization and passion for the subject.

As the region’s only urologic oncologist, Dr. Lee is well aware of how uncommon urology is as a field of study. “I wanted to teach the students about urology because it isn’t an area that most people think about when choosing their medical career path,” said Dr. Lee. “I wanted to open the door to show them what this area of medicine is all about.”

The Surgical Outreach Program benefits the students in multiple ways. Not only does each student gain surgical knowledge, skills, and techniques, but they are also exposed to new possibilities that they may have never considered before.

“This program gives students the opportunity to be exposed to something new,” said Dr. Lee. “We want to show students what steps they need to take to have a career in this field, so they can make plans with their guidance counselors and make decisions about college.”

Beyond the educational purposes of the program, the main objective was for the students to enjoy themselves. “My priority was for the students to have fun,” said Dr. Lee. “When students have fun and get interested in something, that is when the passion grows.”

“Seeing and using the da Vinci surgical system has given me a new perspective on what medicine has for us,” said program participant Mark Bearden. “It’s not just drugs and pharmaceuticals, but the technology used to better the lives of patients.”

The Surgical Outreach Program is also something students will be able to use on their college applications. The magnitude of the program and the opportunities it could create are not lost on Mark. “Not many people get to do this type of program, especially at my age,” said Mark. “Even medical students don’t get this type of opportunity.”

Mark believes simply spending time with AdventHealth Gordon’s Robotic Surgery team was equally as important and beneficial as the skill set he learned during the program.

“Dr. Lee and his team are great,” said Mark. “They care a lot about their patients. To work with him and the da Vinci surgical system has been amazing.”

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Start Your Care

Our Robotic Clinical Coordinator will walk with you, every step of the way. We understand that facing surgery is a difficult time. At AdventHealth Gordon, we are committed to providing every patient a compassionate environment with a thorough, professional, and complete evaluation. From scheduling appointments to daily follow-ups after surgery, our clinical coordinator strives to ensure our patients are well-supported and informed throughout their entire surgical process.

To get started, get in touch with our Robotic Clinical Coordinator today by calling Call706-602-7800 x4052. For more information about our specialties, please call:

Urology: Call706-879-4700
General Surgery: Call706-602-8300
Gynecology: Call706-879-5770

Delivering the Best Care

Our team takes a personal interest in the quality of each of our patient’s robotic surgical experience. Our goal is to deliver care in a supportive, compassionate environment from the beginning through your entire course of treatment and recovery. Delivering the best care is the center of everything we do.