Making the Decision

For Mike, woodworking is not only his business, but his passion as well. So when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, many questions came to mind, including, “What am I going to do?” and “How long will it take me to recover from surgery?

“Being a small business owner and one-man operation, I thought, ‘How long am I going to be out of service?’” said Mike.

After discussing treatment options with Urologic Oncologist Dr. Hak Lee, Mike decided to undergo robotic surgery. “It was quite a shock. Going to Dr. Lee helped me decide what I wanted to do, and he mentioned robotics.”

Life After Surgery

Mike then met Robotic Clinical Coordinator Sharon Bass, who would be his guide through surgery and life after. “Knowing that you can call, text, get in touch with someone is very reassuring,” said Mike. From that day forward, Sharon walked with Mike every step of the way through appointments, the entire surgery, and even month or two after the surgery.

After surgery, Mike remembers how fast he got back on his feet, allowing him to recuperate and build up strength faster. “The next day [after surgery] I was up walking around in the house. The next day after that, I was outside,” said Mike. “Robotic surgery allows you to be more active, gradually build up your strength, and get back to your normal routine.”

“There is life after prostate cancer thanks to Dr. Hak Lee and his Robotic Surgery team at Gordon Hospital,” said Mike.

An elderly couple hugging each other at the park.

Start Your Care

Our Robotic Clinical Coordinator will walk with you, every step of the way. We understand that facing surgery is a difficult time. At AdventHealth Gordon, we are committed to providing every patient a compassionate environment with a thorough, professional, and complete evaluation. From scheduling appointments to daily follow-ups after surgery, our clinical coordinator strives to ensure our patients are well-supported and informed throughout their entire surgical process.

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