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Kirby Recognized with Extra Mile Award

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Kim Kirby was recently awarded AdventHealth Gordon’s prestigious Extra Mile Award.

This special award was created by members of the hospital’s Employee Engagement Committee to recognize employees who go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis. It is awarded monthly to deserving employees selected by the hospital’s directors.

Kirby, who works at AdventHealth Medical Group Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at Calhoun, was nominated by a coworker with the following words: “This morning, I witnessed an act of kindness that is so deserving of this award. My daughter had a doctor’s appointment this morning, and while we were in the lobby waiting, I saw an elderly couple walking up the sidewalk. The husband was on crutches and his wife had a cane and could barely able to walk. They finally made their way into the lobby and stopped at the first desk and then slowly made their way to Kim’s desk. The gentleman explained that he had an appointment. I could not hear the rest of the conversation as my attention turned elsewhere until I heard Kim tell him that he was at the wrong office. The couple looked so confused and perplexed, and he was heard saying ‘I don’t think I can make it back to the car.’ Kim very kindly asked him if he would like a wheelchair, and when he agreed, she told him she would be right out.

“She smilingly came out and assisted him into the wheelchair and helped them both out of the building. I watched as they left the building, and Kim turned to the wife and held her hand to help her off the sidewalk. She could easily have given them the information and left them to cope on their own, but she did the right thing and took care of them both by seeing them out safely.

“I would like to thank Kim for taking care of these two individuals through keeping them safe, loving them with this act of kindness, making it easy, owning it, living out our values and showing them the true mission and vision of AdventHealth.”

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