Edna Owens Breast Center at AdventHealth Gordon offers 3D SmartCurve™ mammograms

AdventHealth Gordon's front side of the building.
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Edna Owens Breast Center

The Edna Owens Breast Center at AdventHealth Gordon utilizes state-of-the-art imaging technology to provide the women in our community with quality breast care. For mammograms, patients will have the opportunity to use Hologic’s SmartCurve™ Breast Stabilization System and receive high resolution 3D imaging with improved physical comfort.

Many patients experience varying levels of discomfort during traditional mammograms, which can discourage them from keeping healthy breast care habits with regular screenings. The SmartCurve™ system has a curved compression surface instead of flat. Used with our 3D mammography system, the SmartCurve™ delivers a more comfortable mammogram without compromising image quality. The curved surface reduces pinching and offers a better distribution of force over the breast while still providing 3D accuracy.

According to a clinical study by Hologic, 93 percent of patients who previously reported moderate to severe discomfort with traditional mammograms claimed to experience improved comfort with SmartCurve™ technology, and 97 percent of patients would recommend the system to others.

“The health of our patients is always our first priority, but it’s also extremely important for them to be comfortable and at ease,” said Lanell Jacobs, director of oncology services at AdventHealth Gordon. “Our 3D SmartCurve™ mammograms make both health and comfort a top priority. We are proud to continue to advance our technology for the betterment of our patients.”

The Edna Owens Breast Center is part of a $25 million capital improvement project at AdventHealth Gordon. The project included one 3D mammography system, which meant that to keep up with demand, the older mammography system would be used too. Upon learning this, the AdventHealth Gordon Foundation Board donated the funds to purchase a second 3D mammography system to accompany the other one.

“The foundation board has been excited to partner with AdventHealth Gordon and the community raising funds for the Edna Owens Breast Center,” said Mike “Doc” Davis, chair of the AdventHealth Gordon Foundation Board. “When we learned that the community and the hospital needed a second 3D mammography system, it just made sense for us to help.”

To schedule a mammogram, visit AdventHealthGordon.com/mammo or call Call706-879-4741.

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