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Dr. Cayamcela Recognized with AdventHealth Gordon’s SonShine Award

Luis Cayamcela_SonShine Award

Luis Cayamcela, MD, has been named AdventHealth Gordon’s latest SonShine Award recipient. This award was established by AdventHealth Gordon in 2017 to honor the hard work and dedication of its employees. Quarterly awards provide opportunities for patients, visitors and other team members to recognize and reward team members for exceptional accomplishments and demonstrated behaviors that are aligned to the mission, vision and values of AdventHealth Gordon.

The name SonShine was developed by AdventHealth Gordon team members. The recipients of the SonShine award “shine” for the “Son” of God through their warm and comforting care they provide to patients and their fellow employees.

Dr. Cayamcela, a hospitalist at AdventHealth Gordon, received a nomination from a coworker who said the following: “Dr. Luis Cayamcela has and continues to exhibit all of AdventHealth’s valued qualities and attributes. The specific situation that stands out to me was when we had a code blue on med/surg.”

Dr. Cayamcela, along with other team members, attempted every way possible to revive the patient, but they were too ill. Afterwards, he asked his team members to observe a moment of silence for the patient and then stayed to help the team prepare for the patient’s family to come in the room.

“Before he left, he checked on all of us to ensure that we were okay,” said the coworker. “In my many years of nursing, I have never seen such a display of empathy and care, not just towards the patient and family, but towards us as a team also. I was just so honored and moved to have witnessed it. The experience had a profound effect on me, and I will treasure and take that experience with me for the rest of my nursing career.”

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