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AdventHealth Dade City First in Pasco County to Use State-of-the-Art Device to Treat Gastroparesis

TAMPA, Fla., AdventHealth Dade City is the first hospital in Pasco County with the unique FDA-approved Enterra treatment. Enterra helps patients suffering from nausea and vomiting due to gastroparesis, an often chronic condition that affects the stomach muscles and prevents proper stomach emptying.

According to the device manufacturer, Enterra acts as a pacemaker for the stomach and helps when the stomach muscles aren’t working properly, or at all, to digest food.

AdventHealth Dade City doctors are bringing attention to this condition which can have several causes, including type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, as well as post-surgical complications.

“Our investment to include Enterra completes the missing link in care for our community and allows us to leverage the full spectrum of treatment options for gastroparesis,” said Dr. Naga Thatimatla of AdventHealth Dade City, who has successfully used the Enterra treatment for four patients in Pasco County. “While there is no cure for gastroparesis, Enterra offers about 80 percent relief for patients, which significantly improves their quality of life.”

Rachel Smith, a Zephyrhills resident, was the first patient to use the Enterra and said learning about the treatment was a good wake-up call for her. She has dealt with stomach issues her whole life and was diagnosed with gastroparesis.

Out of 100,000 people, approximately 10 men and 40 women have gastroparesis, according to the International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD).

“I took medications and had other procedures, but Dr. Thati helped me realize this option was the one I needed,” Smith said. “Since surgery, I’ve gone from being stuck in bed and sick, to not throwing up at all. I’m more active, can help my husband around the house, and enjoy life.”

AdventHealth Dade City is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and compassionate care to our patients when it comes to managing and overcoming gastrointestinal disorders.

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