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Our Care Philosophy

Whole-Person Health

When recovery takes longer, we take time to provide compassionate, hospital-level care for your loved one at AdventHealth Connerton, formerly Florida Hospital at Connerton Long Term Acute Care.

Our 77-bed specialty hospital is designed to serve people who have medically complex illnesses requiring additional weeks of specialized hospital care.

We’re committed to providing an environment that invites a sense of peace and calm and helps promote healing. Built on a beautiful 38-acre property in Pasco County, AdventHealth Connerton offers many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, including in our beautiful garden patio.

Our hospital amenities and services are designed to ease your stay, and include a case manager to answer questions about insurance and online resources that allow you to conveniently pay your bill, schedule appointments, and access your medical records.

As a faith-based health care provider, we understand the importance of whole-person health, which includes not only physical, but also mental and spiritual healing. Our Spiritual Care team is available at any time for prayer, meditation, or consultation, regardless of your faith tradition. Our multi-denominational chapel is open 24 hours a day for anyone who needs it.

Do You Need Financial Assistance

Or Have Questions About Insurance?

At AdventHealth Connerton, formerly Florida Hospital at Connerton Long Term Acute Care, a Case Manager will be available to assist you in determining your insurance coverage. Case Management can be contacted at Call813-903-3726.

A financial counselor will be available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your financial responsibility and financial assistance. Financial Counselors can be contacted at Call813-903-3712.

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Feel Supported on Our Spiritual Care Hotline

Whatever you're facing, you're not alone. When you need a listening ear, the AdventHealth Spiritual Care Hotline is here for you at Call833-258-2414, Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm ET. Calls are free and confidential, and our caring team members will listen without judgment, offering prayer, support and additional resources, if needed.

A hospital stay can bring many visits and services from multiple medical providers. We know it’s hard to plan ahead for an emergency hospital visit, but if you have a scheduled health care service that requires a hospital stay, we recommend contacting your anticipated health care practitioners within the hospital to confirm they participate with your insurance provider. Services may be provided in the hospital by AdventHealth as well as by other health care practitioners who may bill you separately. By contacting your anticipated health care practitioners ahead of time, you can get information about billing practices and an estimate for your upcoming services to help avoid any unexpected challenges and fees.