Phone Directory

AdventHealth for Children

601 East Rollins Street, Orlando, FL  32803

Call AdventHealth for Children at407-537-5516

Departments Phone Number
Academic Pediatrics/Pediatric Residency Call Academic Pediatrics/Pediatric Residency at 407-656-0042
Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Call Adolescent Bariatric Surgery at 407-303-6920
Adolescent Medicine Call Adolescent Medicine at 407-656-0042
AdventHealth Foundation Call AdventHealth Foundation at 407-303-2784
Bone Marrow Transplant Call Bone Marrow Transplant at 407-303-1300
Cardiology Call Cardiology at 407-303-2001
Complex Care Clinic Call Complex Care Clinic at 407-303-6920
Congenital Cardiology Call Congenital Cardiology at 407-303-2001
Congenital Heart Surgery Call Congenital Heart Surgery at 407-303-3692
Customer Service Call Customer Service at 407-303-0500
Dermatology Call Dermatology at 407-303-1687
Direct Admits/Transfer Call Direct Admits/Transfer at 407-303-8968
Endocrinology Call Endocrinology at 407-896-2901
Epilepsy Call Epilepsy at 407-303-8127
Gastroenterology/Hepatology Call Gastroenterology/Hepatology at 407-303-9926
General Inquiries Call General Inquiries at 407-303-5437
Genetics Call Genetics at 407-646-7165
Hematology/Oncology Call Hematology/Oncology at 407-303-2080
Human Resources Call Human Resources at 407-303-1997
Infectious Diseases Call Infectious Diseases at 407-821-3691
Kidney Transplant Program Call Kidney Transplant Program at 407-303-9794
Liver Transplant Program Call Liver Transplant Program at 407-303-9926
Metabolism Call Metabolism at 407-896-2901
Neonatology Call Neonatology at 407-303-1602
Nephrology Call Nephrology at 407-303-9194
Neurology Call Neurology at 407-303-9980
Neuropsychology Call Neuropsychology at 407-303-8877
Neurosurgery Call Neurosurgery at 407-236-0006
Orthopedics Call Orthopedics at 407-303-5687
Pastoral Care Call Pastoral Care at 407-303-9874
Patient Financial Services Call Patient Financial Services at 407-303-0500
Pediatric Chest Wall Clinic Call Pediatric Chest Wall Clinic at 407-303-7265
Pediatric Congenital Heart Surgery Call Pediatric Congenital Heart Surgery at 407-303-3634
Pediatric Developmental and Behavioral Care Call Pediatric Developmental and Behavioral Care at 407-898-6005
Pediatric Diabetes Call Pediatric Diabetes at 407-896-2901
Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Call Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at 407-896-2902
Pediatric Epilepsy Call Pediatric Epilepsy at 407-303-8197
Pediatric Interventional Cardiology Call Pediatric Interventional Cardiology at 407-303-2001
Pediatric Outpatient Procedures and Sedation Unit (POPS) Call Pediatric Outpatient Procedures and Sedation Unit (POPS) at 407-303-9412
Pediatric Rehabilitation Call Pediatric Rehabilitation at 407-537-5516
Pediatric Residency Call Pediatric Residency at 407-656-0042
Pediatric Rheumatology and Immunology Call Pediatric Rheumatology and Immunology at 407-821-3545
Physician Referral Call Physician Referral at 407-303-5437
Plastic Surgery Call Plastic Surgery at 407-821-3655
Psychiatry Call Psychiatry at 407-821-3547
Pulmonology and Sleep Disorders Call Pulmonology and Sleep Disorders at 407-898-2767
Surgery Call Surgery at 407-303-7280
Urology Call Urology at 407-303-5781
Volunteers Call Volunteers at 407-303-5600
Weight and Wellness Call Weight and Wellness at 407-303-9200