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Margarita Rodriguez

Monica Rodriguez

Margarita’s desire to assist a family member with diabetes led her down the path of dietetics and nutrition. Joining AdventHealth in 1983 Margarita continued to listen to her calling embracing roles as a leader and later mentor other individuals to begin their careers as well empowering them to become mentors and give back to their communities. Margarita currently serves the patients of AdventHealth Rollins Brook as their Nutrition Services Supervisor. “I have been blessed with this organization that sincerely values family as one of life’s most important aspects,” Margarita says. “Honestly knowing I have support from both my employer and my family is a blessing everyone should have.”

Why did you enter the healthcare field?

I entered dietetics to help a family member with diabetes, and as I learned more and helped create the special diet that had to be followed sparked my interest and motivated me to start my career.

What does it mean to be a woman in healthcare?

To be a woman in healthcare means to be a leader, a mentor, to empower and inspire young women to become professionals in this field.

What would you go back and tell yourself on your first day on the job?

This is going to be your calling, so do your best, and stay humble.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?

There is always time for both however, life happens. My family knows that if there is ever an emergency, I will be there for them.

What lessons have you learned in your role?

I've learned that kindness and respect go a long way. Be empathetic and strive to live in the likeness of Jesus.

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