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Ashley Underwood

Ashley Underwood

Ashley Underwood’s path to the field of healthcare is a path she feels was God’s influence and took her full circle, back to the hospital where she was born. She began her career as a med/surg staff nurse at AdventHealth Rollins Brook more than 20 years ago, rising to Director of Nursing before being named AdventHealth Rollins Brook's Hospital Administrator in 2016 and three years later promoted to Vice President Administrator. "AdventHealth has always place a priority on valuing employees and listening to suggestions, Ashley says. "I have experienced that throughout my career and use the company's principles every day every day in my personal life."

Why did I enter the healthcare field?

It was not my original plan to go into healthcare. No one in my family worked in the field and I had no real exposure to it previously. My mother-in-law was a nurse and I looked up to her and her influence is what led me on the journey to healthcare.

What does it mean to be a "Woman in Healthcare?"

I have only had positive experiences as a woman in healthcare and I am positive that’s because of the organization I work for. AdventHealth has always valued the work and suggestions of all employees. They are focused and intentional when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and I have felt that at every level.

What would I go back and tell myself on my first day on the job?

Just focus on one day at a time at first., learn as much as you can and make it your goal to leave everything better than when I found it. Don’t waste time second guessing things when all that is really needed is clarity!

How do I balance my personal and professional lives?

I really focus on the CREATION life principles and strive to incorporate this in my daily life!

What lessons have I learned in my role?

Changing your mindset from “have to” to “get to” is a game changer. * View life, the good and the bad as a gift! * Fear standing still by focusing on intentional growth and purposeful stretching in every area of your life. * Go all in each day with a purpose greater than yourself!

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