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In-Home Nursing Care

We Make House Calls

You love you the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you're also at a point in your life where it's difficult to get out of the house. The skilled Home Care services teams at AdventHealth make it possible for you to get the care you need without leaving your living room.

Under the direction of your physician, your highly trained at-home care staff will help keep your feet firmly planted on the road to recovery. With home health care services — including home IV therapy, advanced wound care, home rehab and more — you can enjoy benefits including a shorter hospital stay, faster healing, quicker recovery, and more personal attention.

Award-Winning Home Health Care Services

Whole-Person Home Health Care

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Rehab in Comfort With Home Health Services

You just had a knee replacement and making it to the hospital for rehab will be painful and challenging. Or perhaps you're recovering from a sports-related injury. Rather than leaving the house and risking another injury, take advantage of the home rehab and therapies available within the AdventHealth network of care.

Our home rehab program is an innovative rehabilitation program for people recovering from orthopedic injuries as well as hip, knee, or shoulder joint replacements. Your team of therapists will work with you in the comfort of your own home to help you regain the strength and mobility you need to get back to enjoying the activities you love.

In-Home Nursing Care

When you or your loved one get home from the hospital, or are dealing with a health condition at home, sometimes you just feel better knowing there's a nurse nearby. With the guidance of your physician and coordination by licensed medical professionals, we provide the following in-home nursing services geared especially toward patients who have post-surgery care needs; those with chronic illnesses; and seniors, whose unique care needs are often especially suited to home care:

Advanced Wound Care – We help people with chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation, and other conditions achieve the best healing outcome in the shortest amount of time.

Diabetes Management – We work closely with you to teach the skills necessary to manage diabetes and avoid serious complications.

Disease Management/Education – We help empower you to understand your disease, regulate your condition, and maintain your wellness, all of which translate to fewer trips to the hospital.

Enterostomy Training – For those who've had urostomies or colostomies, we provide training on how to manage long-term care of the wound, fistula, ulcer, and skin. We also help patients incorporate necessary diet and lifestyle changes so they can thrive after this kind of procedure.

Heart Failure Management – We work closely with you to teach the skills to manage your health after heart failure.

Incontinence Management – Convenient, in-home help for loss of bladder control.

Infusion Therapy – An alternative to oral treatment that administers medication intravenously. Traditionally only available in hospitals, specially trained nurses can now provide home IV therapy treatments.

Joint Recovery Program – A post-op program to promote faster recovery after hip or knee replacement surgery.

Medication Management/Education – We provide all the tools you need to take the worry out of missing your daily and weekly appointments with multiple medications.

Rehabilitation – In-home physical, occupational, and speech therapy saves you time and is more convenient than traveling to an appointment.

Help With Personal Care

It's harder to do everything you used to do — maybe you need help washing your hair or taking a shower, vacuuming behind the couch, or preparing a meal. It's OK to accept the help you need right now. Our private-duty care team is here for you. The services we provide can all be tailored to meet your needs:

  • Assistance with Bathing, Grooming, and Dressing
  • Companion Care
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Medication Reminders
  • Philips Personal Medication Dispenser – An automated system that helps you manage and take all your medications as prescribed.
  • Philips Standard Lifeline – A medical alert system that gives you peace of mind when you're home alone.

Your private-duty team will include those most qualified to provide the personalized care you need, whether that's an RN, a certified nursing assistant, or home health aide; a physical, occupational, or speech therapist; chaplain; or medical social worker. Whatever you need, just let us know. We are here to support you in your journey to recovery.

Virtual House Calls

You're busy and don't have time to let a simple health issue slow you down. When a run to the doctor is on your to-do list, save yourself the trip with our Video Visit app. Video Visits provide a convenient option for a face-to-face video appointment with a board-certified physician or nurse practitioner through your smartphone or tablet. Through Video Visits, you can receive a diagnosis, treatment, follow up, and prescriptions for minor ailments, all through secure audio and video. No appointment necessary. Some of the common conditions we treat through Video Visits include:

  • Conjunctivitis/Pink Eye
  • Cough, Colds, Bronchitis, and Flu
  • Lower-Back Pain
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Sinus and Upper-Respiratory Infections
  • Skin Conditions
  • Urinary Tract Infections

Video Visit's virtual doctor's hours are:
Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

See how easy it is to download, set up, and start using Video Visits. Watch Our Video.
For technical support, contact us at Call480-739-0077.

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You are always looking for ways to streamline your day. So are we. With Video Visits, you can conveniently get the medical attention you need, start feeling better faster, and move on with your life. It's all part of our mission to heal your body, ease your mind, and lift your spirit.

Award-Winning Home Health Care Services

You're the reason why we strive to provide the best possible home medical care. We don't do what we do to win awards, but it's an honor when we do, especially when those awards are bestowed for quality service and patient satisfaction. Some of the local, state, and national awards we've received for outstanding service, high-quality care standards, and innovation in the industry include:

  • Florence Nightingale Award – Given for excellence in nursing to recognize professional nurses for their contributions to direct patient care.
  • Health Care Heroes – Awarded to an individual, institution, professional, student, volunteer, or program, who, through their individual or collective actions, made an extraordinary impact in their health care community.
  • OCS HomeCare Elite – A listing of the top-performing home health agencies in the United States.
  • Salute to Nurses – Patient-nominated award given to nurses who have provided extraordinary care and support.
Personal Health Coach

What are your health goals? Are you looking to incorporate exercise into your weekly routine, lower your cholesterol, or learn ways to manage a new diagnosis? Our Health Coach at Home program will empower you to make healthy lifestyle changes. Health coaches emphasize the importance of managing the whole person. As a team, we help you:

  • Be Inspired to Adhere to Treatment Plans
  • Become Motivated to Actively Manage Your Health
  • Identify Obstacles to Change
  • Implement New Lifestyle Choices
  • Learn Self-Care Skills
  • Understand Your Diagnosis

You will find that you can accomplish so much more when you have a dedicated support system to motivate you and root for you along the way. Let us help you reach your health goals. Find a location near you to learn more.

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Expert and Compassionate Home Care

You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak to a representative. We’ll answer your questions, contact your doctor and schedule an in-home visit within 24 hours to assess your needs. It’s just that easy.

An elderly man seating on his bed in company of a nurse
Expert Care. Compassionate Service.

In-Home Care Services You Can Count On

When you need extra care and support at home, our Home Care team will be there for you.