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Meet a team member who says AdventHealth’s Employee Giving Program changed her life.

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Marcella has had a long career at AdventHealth, with 11 years in the patient scheduling department and is currently serving as a spiritual ambassador. In March of 2020, her husband, Juan, came back from a trip to visit his father. After he returned, he got sick with a bad cough. At the same time confusion and chaos gripped the world as a mysterious viral disease began spreading around the world, COVID-19.

Juan’s symptoms began to worsen with a fever and after taking a COVID test, he received results that he tested positive for COVID-19. Marcella made sure to quarantine separately with her kids on one side of the house, and Juan on the other side. They wanted to take every necessary precaution possible, especially because Juan has a diabetes diagnosis. One day, Juan’s hands went numb and by the time Marcella called 911, her husband passed out. Paramedics arrived and since he was only at 40% oxygen, they rushed him to the hospital for treatment.

“It was just the worst feeling seeing him leave like that and knowing I wasn’t allowed to go be with him. I was praying with our pastor. I kept calling and texting him, I wanted to assure him that no matter what I was there for him. He kept saying ‘Don’t worry, I’m going to be okay.’ I had to believe that.”

Now that her husband was in the hospital and her family on one income, Marcella had no idea how she would be able to pay rent, utilities or put food on the table for her daughter and son. She knew she had to ask for help and that’s when she found the Hope Fund.

Just hours after submitting her application, Marcella received a call that help was on the way! “I just started crying when they called to tell me the good news. I was so scared about all the bills. God is good and faithful all the time.”

After Juan was put on a ventilator for 9 days, Marcella received a call from the doctor that he was ready to be taken off the machine. About an hour later, she facetimed with her husband, still groggy but alive and well.

Juan was able to come home from the hospital in time to see his daughter for her 15th birthday.

Marcella said, “I pray all the time for strength and healing for us. I am so blessed to have my amazing coworkers and managers. They tell me I need to take a vacation! I was just so happy when he came home from the hospital. I didn’t think it would ever affect our family.”

The Hope Fund helps team members in emergency situations and is available through the generous donors and team members, like you. Visit to learn more or make changes to your current account.

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