Helping Hearts Heal with Generosity

Roberto Martinez Delavega never expected to need open heart surgery at 48 years old. However, after ten days in the care of AdventHealth, he is honored to share his experience as a grateful patient.

After suffering chest and stomach pains, Roberto checked in to AdventHealth Kissimmee and staff immediately ran multiple tests on him. Surprisingly, he wasn’t nervous about his health, just concerned about leaving his wife and daughter. Once his test results came back, the doctor told him he had suffered a heart attack. Despite the harrowing situation, Roberto says that AdventHealth holds a special place in his heart now.

“It was a great experience filled with loving medical professionals. Even during a surprising diagnosis, I felt very safe in the hands of the AdventHealth professionals. The care was so incredible that even though my veins are typically hard to find, the nurses showed great care and patience with me.” Said Roberto.

adventhealth foundation helping hearts heal

Roberto says a huge part of his recovery was due to a heart pillow he received from AdventHealth staff members. The heart pillow comforts patients emotionally and also helps aid in the healing process. When a patient like Roberto holds the heart pillow tightly against his chest, the pillow provides an extra layer of pressure to counteract any jolting from a cough, sneeze or movement. It helps reduce pain by holding the sensitive skin surrounding the incision firmly in place.
Since the start, the pillow was always a sign of healing for Roberto.

“Especially after the surgery, the pillow was there throughout every stage of my healing process. Now, every time I see the pillow it reminds me of the care I received and all those who took part in the healing. I will never let go of that pillow. It is like an amulet to me!”

Roberto insists that giving back to support patients and their families in a time of crisis is a magnificent and honest labor of love. In order to be a part of helping hearts like Roberto’s, you can make sure each of our patients have this huggable momento by donating here.

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