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The Dream Team

Working Together for Pediatric Transplant Success

You have big dreams for your kids. Mostly, you want them to grow up strong and healthy so they can pursue their own dreams — whether that means becoming a tech mogul, an Olympic BMX racer, a unicorn trainer, or any one of a thousand creative possibilities.

Dreams can easily begin to fade under a looming health crisis. At AdventHealth, we work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. With expert care and support, we do our best to lighten the heavy realities of your child’s transplant experience. Our pediatric transplant surgeons work closely with our network of pediatric specialists to ease your mind, calm your nerves, and deliver the best care possible for your child so they can grow up to pursue every last one of their dreams. And maybe even a few of yours.

Pediatric Kidney, Liver, and Bone-Marrow Transplant Surgeries

Helping Save Young Lives

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More Successful Pediatric Liver Transplants

You've loved your child since before they were born. When you first held your little one, counting fingers, toes, and blessings, you couldn't have foreseen a day when you'd have to think about replacing their liver. But should the day come, take heart knowing that AdventHealth is here with a care team of experienced pediatric transplant surgeons who know what you're going through and who work every day to provide advanced care for your child.

Our pediatric liver transplant program is in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, the number-one ranked pediatric liver transplant center in the United States. With this exceptional partner, we’ve created one of the first comprehensive pediatric liver transplant programs in Florida. Thanks to this partnership, we’re able to provide leading-edge expertise, innovation, and family-centered care for pediatric transplant patients from all over the world. 

Better Outcomes for Pediatric Kidney Transplants

Pediatric kidney transplant surgery is a marathon, not a sprint. And with any race, you know you perform better when you’re backed by a stellar team. We're here to support your child's progress in a kid-friendly facility with leading-edge technology and compassionate, world-class care.

AdventHealth for Children works directly with our network’s AdventHealth Transplant Institute to help care for children with end-stage renal disease. Through this collaborative approach, we’re proud to be able to give your child shorter wait times and survival rates that far exceed national averages.

We know that navigating the pediatric kidney transplant process can leave you and your family feeling uncertain. That’s why we take extra care to guide you through each step and support you with a team of pediatric transplant surgeons, nephrologists, dietitians, social workers and dedicated care coordinators.

Central Florida's Only Pediatric Bone-Marrow Program

Bone marrow is the soft, spongy tissue inside your bones where your body makes blood cells. When everything is working smoothly, the output is healthy cells that work to fight infections, carry oxygen throughout the body, and control bleeding. But when the marrow becomes unhealthy and can no longer produce healthy blood cells, it's time replace it with bone marrow that can do the job. If that times comes for your child, we're here to help.

As central Florida's only pediatric bone-marrow program, we help children with Cancer And Blood Disorders, like sickle cell anemia, find hope and healing. Our experts in bone-marrow transplants are trained specifically in pediatric transplant care and recovery. And, as a Duke Health affiliate, we have access to leading support services that constantly enhance and improve our pediatric bone-marrow transplant program. Some of the transplants we perform include:

  • Bone Marrow Transplants
  • Hematopoietic Cell Transplants
  • Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplants
  • Pluripotent Stem Cell Transplants
  • Stem Cell Transplants

Pediatric bone-marrow transplants can be heavy and intimidating. That's why we perform them in a comfortable, kid-friendly environment that provides distractions designed to make the process lighter for you and even a little bit fun for your child. Throughout your transplant experience, you can take comfort knowing that we'll be there before, during, and far after to make sure your child is on the best possible path towards wellness.

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New Pathways to Health

For Our Most Precious Patients

Kids mean the world to us. When children face the prospect of a kidney, bone marrow or liver transplant, we're here. AdventHealth for Children, formerly Florida Hospital for Children, is a trusted sources of expertise in pediatric transplant medicine. Working closely with each family and child, we’ve created a highly successful program that offers the very latest in children's transplant medicine, utilizing the very best techniques and technologies.