A Young Boy

A Great Will To Live

Ten-year-old Grayson was brushing his teeth when he noticed a golf ball-sized lump on his neck. Doctors diagnosed him with Stage 3 Classic Lymphoma. Read this patient story about his journey through cancer and his mission to educate and encourage the world.

Portrait of Grayson and his physician.
A Voice for Pediatric Cancer Awareness

Sharing His Story With the World

On Valentine's Day 2015, 10-year-old Grayson Zrelak was brushing his teeth when he discovered a golf-ball-sized lump on his neck. He told his parents right away and they tried to schedule an appointment with his pediatrician, but the office was closed on Saturdays. They felt in their gut that Grayson needed immediate attention, so they brought him to AdventHealth for Children, where he was admitted right away. After two days of tests, Grayson was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lymphoma. For six months, he endured chemotherapy and radiation until he was cleared of the cancer. The Zrelaks were grateful to have their son home and they went back to living a normal life.

Just nine months in remission, while vacationing in Minnesota, Grayson's parents noticed that he'd developed a cough. Their worst fear reappeared — the cancer was back. This time, Grayson had Stage 3 Lymphoma. Doctors said he needed a stem cell transplant.

With this second diagnosis, Grayson decided he wanted to document his transplant journey. He asked his dad if he could start a YouTube channel, and every day, no matter if he was feeling good or bad, Grayson spoke fearlessly to the world about his treatments, his obstacles, and his triumphs. He recorded himself hoping to spark an interest with the public. He told his dad he has a goal to tell one-million people about what he is going through. Grayson is tough and he continues to fight — to beat his disease and to continue to be a voice for pediatric cancer.

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