Virtual Support for Expecting and New Moms

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Today, the journey to and throughout parenthood looks a little different than it did before. But one thing remains constant: expecting and new moms need to feel safe, connected and supported.

As you navigate your “new normal,” know that we are still here to guide you at every step — and more virtually — to keep you and your baby safe and thriving.

Virtual Care to Guide You

Our OB/GYN practitioners and women’s health providers have expanded their virtual care service offerings. For many routine visits and questions, you can safely stay at home and receive the responsive care you need.

You provider can also direct you from a virtual visit whether or not an in-person appointment is necessary. If you do need in-person care, have peace of mind knowing our experts are also well prepared to keep you safe.

Preparing for Your Birth

Now, you don’t have to attend traditional birthing classes in person. You can safely prepare for labor, delivery and newborn care by participating in our virtual Gift of Motherhood classes.

Each of these three virtual classes is taught by a certified childbirth educator who shares all the important information you need now.

Virtual birth and motherhood class topics include:

  • Stages of labor and birth

  • Comfort techniques and how your support person can help

  • Hospital practices

  • Medical interventions and C-sections

  • Your postdelivery care

  • Care for your newborn while in the hospital

Virtual Baby Care Basics Class

Our two-class Baby Care Basics course is offered virtually to prepare you for your tiny new family member. The class is available to new parents and adoptive parents, as well as grandparents or other caregivers who might need a quick refresher.

During the online workshops, you’ll learn what you need to know about:

  • Choosing a pediatrician

  • Bathing

  • Diapering

  • Feeding

  • Newborn characteristics

  • Newborn procedures

  • When to call the pediatrician

Virtual Breastfeeding Support

While breastfeeding gives your baby nourishment and comfort, it is a very personal experience that can be challenging for moms both physically and emotionally. We’re here to help any new mom virtually in any way we can through our online breastfeeding class.

Our internationally board-certified lactation consultants are also available to provide virtual, one-on-one assistance at any time. They can help you work through common breastfeeding challenges such as positioning, latching and milk production.

Connecting Virtually With Other New Moms

Giving birth makes you a member of a very special group: moms. Now, our Baby Bunch mom group is “meeting” online. The Baby Bunch allows you to meet up with other new mothers weekly to support each other, share parenting tips, milestones, challenges and joys. You can also get answers to your questions from our lactation consultants and birth experience coordinators.

Navigating the New Normal With a Health Navigator

Many of our locations offer the support of a designated women’s health navigator. A health navigator is a specially trained registered nurse whose job is to provide personalized, clinical assistance and educational, emotional and spiritual support.

These free services include:

  • Answers to your health care questions

  • Assistance with scheduling screenings and office visits

  • Coordination of care among all your providers across all AdventHealth facilities

  • Help finding a care provider

  • Resources and support for you and your family

Complete Care for Today and Tomorrow

Nothing is more important to us than you — and your baby. That’s why we have so many resources to help answer your questions at every stage of your pregnancy and your baby’s development.

Here’s a sampling of additional ways we’re working to be sure all of your needs are safely met:

  • Complete prenatal care, including the option to substitute an in-person visit by talking with your physician by phone or through an online video visit

  • Virtual video tours of the hospital where you’ll deliver your baby

  • Teams of doctors and specialists who are always on call, always ready. Depending on your hospital location, this includes birth coordinators to help you create individual labor and delivery plans, certified midwives, OB/GYNs and maternal-fetal medicine specialists experienced in high-risk pregnancies, specialized registered nurses, lactation consultants and neonatologists for emergency situations

  • Special precautions to safely care for and protect you and your newborn

Mother and Baby Care You Can Always Count On

Bringing a baby into the world is the greatest blessing. We are here to keep you and your baby safe while supporting and nurturing your journey to and throughout motherhood. Learn more about our Mother and Baby Care.

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