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Test Your Knowledge of Men’s Essential Health Screenings

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A Whole Look at Men's Health Care

It may not surprise you to learn that men are less likely to have a primary care provider or seek routine health care. But regular screenings can literally save your life: they monitor changes in your health and find diseases early, when they’re most treatable.

So, how much do you know about the tests men should be getting?

True or False

  1. Men age 40 and older should get their blood pressure checked every year.
  2. Men should get tested for diabetes starting at age 45.
  3. Men should get a colonoscopy every year.
  4. Men should get tested for prostate cancer every year.

Check Your Answers

  1. True. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can result in stroke and heart failure. Avoiding salty foods and maintaining a healthy weight can help control high blood pressure.
  2. True. Starting at age 45, you should get your blood sugar tested every three years if your results are normal. Early detection and treatment of diabetes can decrease the chance of complications like heart disease, stroke and blindness.
  3. False. Based on your risk factors and family history, you may need to begin colorectal screenings at age 45 or 50. Talk with your doctor to determine the right schedule for you. Men at average risk for developing colorectal cancer need a colonoscopy only every 10 years.
  4. False. Starting at age 50 or 55, men should discuss the advantages and limitations of prostate cancer screening with their doctors.

Talk with your doctor about which tests you should get and how often you should get them. You may need to get tested sooner or more often if you are at high risk for certain diseases.

Maintaining a relationship with a primary care provider you trust — and can be open and honest with — will help keep tabs on your long-term health. To find a provider near you, use our convenient online physician finder.

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